Donald Trump has a way of blowing away the bovine excrement spread plentifully about by his detractors in the MSM, Hollywood and among the screechy dangling earring crowd (male and female). Finally, a politician who won’t pander to any of them. Much to their dismay, the new President moves ahead on keeping his campaign pledges, going over and around the D’n C(Divide and Conquer) rabble as a seasoned businessman is accustomed to doing. So far, so good; an administration that will be judged on results, not rosy intentions.


2 Replies to “Results, not rosy intentions: Trump forges ahead.”

  1. I’ve come to regard Trump as the George Patton of politics. His analysis of the political landscape in the election campaign was pure genius, recognizing that he could play offense against the media by turning their aggression to his advantage…straight out of Lao Tzu, The Art of War. Unbelievably, he defeated an opponent who spent 2.5x what he did and who was supported hysterically by the entire mainstream media corps, the corrupt battalions of higher education, and the hundreds of millions of labor union dollars.

    His administration is moving like Patton’s Tank Corps against the challenges facing the nation, from the economy, to the train wreck of inner-city education, to the Obamacare boondoggle, to the international mess.

    1. Do like the image of rolling tanks on the road to each of the Big Problem battle fronts facing us. It’ll be the major game changer of our lifetimes if he emerges victorious in any of those “campaigns.”

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