Clinton Foundation: Charity Fraud/Money Laundering 101

November 4, 2016
UPDATE 6/26/17: If these amended by-laws don’t scream SLUSH FUND, then gravity has been reversed, and things fall up.
 The Clinton Foundation tax return, by the numbers as laid out simply and undeniably in this viral rundown:
“Hillary Clinton said the Clinton Foundation gives “90% of their proceeds” to charitable organizations. This is their “Form 990” required by the IRS for all charities. In 2013 they had total revenue of $148,889,439 (Line 12). Their TOTAL Grants to Charity were $8,865,052 (Line 13). That is a measly 5.95%!!!!! Now, they are so efficient that it cost them a total of $84,684,494 in expenses (Line 18) to give away $8,865,052 to charity!!!! Including $29,914,108 in salaries (Line 15), $185,970 in fundraising fees (Line 16a, that’s actually legitimate), and a WHOPPING $45,719,364 (Line 17) in “other expenses”!!!!! So AFTER all that hard charitable work they end the year with $247,299,458 (Line 22), a cool $100,000,000 more than was contributed for the year!!! Folks, no matter how you slice and dice it, this is simply a blatant money laundering program. They don’t even try to hide it!!! Oh and Congress wanted to investigate the Clinton Foundation and the DOJ stepped in and blocked it!”

All those “expenses” and cushy salaries!! Such good works from good people! Forget about breaches in national security. That was the result, not the intent of that private server in the basement. So,  Comey’s original statement letting her off the hook was not entirely false. Of course, Hillary didn’t intend to breach national security; that was just the messy side effect of what she intended…which was to get richer and more powerful wending her wily way from the State Department to the White House.

America for sale!! Who’s buying?!! Influence Futures right here for anyone-foreign,domestic, corporate-willing to cough up the cash! Step right up! All right in plain sight. What a country!

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