Bill, Hillary and Chelsea trying not to care about money.
Bill, Hillary and Chelsea trying not to care about money.

UPDATE 11/4/16: A refreshingly revived FBI, free to pursue law enforcement and not cover up for the Clintons & Obama, changes Bill & Hillary’s plans for their White House return. As of this date (4 days before E-Day), we’ll see how effective they are at spoiling Chairman Hillary’s Long March Back.

(UPDATE 9/27/15: Perhaps the glow has faded as notables studiously avoid invitations to the CGI gala.)

Unlike prominent Liberal Paul Newman who left behind a perpetually beneficial legacy that actually lives up to its stated philanthropic goals(with accountable figures to prove it), the Clintons with their nobly named Global Initiative  seem to have created little more than their own not-so-little slush fund.

In 2013, only 6 % of CGI’s assets went to “charitable” causes. The rest underwrote cushy salaries for a slew of high-living employees; and the whole operation continues to provide a front attracting foreign interests (and more domestic scoundrels) eager for pay-to-play with Bill & Hillary. One example is the sudden leap in Bill’s speaker fees and huge foundation donations from Russians just coincidentally preceding the direct approval by Hillary’s State Department of outsized uranium sales to Russia. No obvious conflict of interest or corruption of any kind seems to deter these Progressive hypocrites. Exploiting human misery (Haiti being just one juicy opportunity) is their business. The pitifully spoiled Preppy Princess Chelsea sadly sighs “I was curious if I could care about [money], but I couldn’t.” At least she tried.

Screaming  “Unfair Inequality!” from every possible pulpit, these “Champions Of Everyday People” live, lie & maneuver to be the 1% of the 1%. Depths of shamelessness (Haiti for example) remain unlimited so long as we have The Clintons.

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