The Clinton Foundation:
Lefty Philanthropy benefiting…
only itself.

May 5, 2015
Bill, Hillary and Chelsea trying not to care about money.

Bill, Hillary and Chelsea trying not to care about money.

UPDATE 11/4/16: A refreshingly revived FBI, free to pursue law enforcement and not cover up for the Clintons & Obama, changes Bill & Hillary’s plans for their White House return. As of this date (4 days before E-Day), we’ll see how effective they are at spoiling Chairman Hillary’s Long March Back.

(UPDATE 9/27/15: Perhaps the glow has faded as notables studiously avoid invitations to the CGI gala.)

Unlike prominent Liberal Paul Newman who left behind a perpetually beneficial legacy that actually lives up to its stated philanthropic goals(with accountable figures to prove it), the Clintons with their nobly named Global Initiative  seem to have created little more than their own not-so-little slush fund.

In 2013, only 6 % of CGI’s assets went to “charitable” causes. The rest underwrote cushy salaries for a slew of high-living employees; and the whole operation continues to provide a front attracting foreign interests (and more domestic scoundrels) eager for pay-to-play with Bill & Hillary. One example is the sudden leap in Bill’s speaker fees and huge foundation donations from Russians just coincidentally preceding the direct approval by Hillary’s State Department of outsized uranium sales to Russia. No obvious conflict of interest or corruption of any kind seems to deter these Progressive hypocrites. Exploiting human misery (Haiti being just one juicy opportunity) is their business. The pitifully spoiled Preppy Princess Chelsea sadly sighs “I was curious if I could care about [money], but I couldn’t.” At least she tried.

Screaming  “Unfair Inequality!” from every possible pulpit, these “Champions Of Everyday People” live, lie & maneuver to be the 1% of the 1%. Depths of shamelessness (Haiti for example) remain unlimited so long as we have The Clintons.

19 Responses to The Clinton Foundation:
Lefty Philanthropy benefiting…
only itself.

  1. George Stephanopoulos | Michelle-Antoinette on May 16, 2015 at 7:32 am

    […] that there’s anything wrong with dishonesty!  Everybody’s doin’ it! The shameless Clintons remain the glowing stars in the Democratic Party firmament. How low is too low? How corrupt […]

  2. […] Little David, Happy At Last. Maven of Media Matters, his very own Soros-subsidized smear machine targeting the Right . A perfect slippery bookend to the other prominent Clinton toadie George Stephanopoulos. Once Hillary’s nemesis, now her gratefully slavish lapdog, David(Look At My Hair) Brock has shown a talent for quite a number of things: pleasing the Clintons, repeatedly changing his spots for personal gain, pleasing the Clintons, staging hypocritical attacks on the NRA & gun owners while his own staff illegally packs heat, pleasing the Clintons, staging ankle-biting attacks on political enemies,  pleasing the Clintons, raising money for any political scoundrel on the Left who’ll reward him, pleasing the Clintons, operating behind laughably named non-profits that front said fund raising very much like other slush funds that do little except enrich and please public servants and selfless philanthrop… […]

  3. […] was throwing their money at the right causes.” Sound familiar? Now when does the Left decide the Clintons are […]

  4. […] to little beyond being someone’s daughter, the lifelong recipient of large  checks from Mummy & Daddy’s “philanthropic” slush fund. But at least she has made the valiant effort to be curious about money. It certainly beats […]

  5. Bill Clinton | Michelle-Antoinette on October 8, 2015 at 5:56 am

    […] Actually, this is all there ever was. And continues to be. […]

  6. […] and adolescent immaturity involved, Clinton’s behavior and outright lies afterward have rewarded him with a major fortune and unprecedented rock-star status among the Democratic Party […]

  7. […] does a serial dissembler and liar like Hillary miraculously survive? In a rational world, this transparently greedy, corrupt creature would be instantly, summarily relegated to history’s dustbin as […]

  8. […] as Joan of Arc marching ever onward on our behalf against evil Wall Street…as she and Bill’s Foundation continues to pocket hundreds of million$ in bribes tendered in exchange for a veritable rainbow […]

  9. […] unplanned candor in dressing down Black Lives Matters only reflects well on him. Under all that slickness, dishonesty, greed is common sense and political practicality. Many seem to view this as Bill undermining Hillary. […]

  10. America goes bananas. | Dittoville on July 6, 2016 at 5:19 am

    […] America, whither the law? Do not Bill & Hillary’s blatant, unchecked greed and willingness to be bought for the right price not give anyone pause? Do those supporting her […]

  11. […] this  serial liar and greedy pay-for-play recipient of bribes running into 9 figures via her Crime Family “Foundation” is running for public office). How strange she’s made it this […]

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  13. […] better example exists of Leftism’s basic fraudulence than the Clintons? And their “charitable” Foundation? Actual deeds and consequences matter not. Appearances and false perception are everything. How is […]

  14. […] Wife will continue growing richer from  peddling power and influence via Clinton Foundation donations from her corporate cronies and foreign “investors.” Remember when greed and the One Percenters were the Bogeymen […]

  15. […] of Lockheed-Martin dollars, going out in generous amounts both to lawyers like Comey and to the Clinton Foundation. Surprise: Lockheed-Martin landed well over a dozen major defense contracts during the Clinton […]

  16. […] 4, 2016 By Fred The Clinton Foundation tax return, by the numbers as laid out simply and undeniably in this viral […]

  17. […] contributions” much of it  from overseas (including Russia) went suddenly bone dry once Bill Clinton’s wife was deemed a has-been by the American electorate. And that uranium deal. Shocking? Response from the Left: nothing to […]

  18. Hillary Clinton | Michelle-Antoinette on October 25, 2017 at 6:34 am

    […] The jaded cynical among us ask: what exactly is Madam’s “charity” of choice? The Clinton Foundation perhaps?  Sin, [self]indulgences, [qualified] repentance, buying one’s way out of hell […]

  19. […] nuclear development gifted to the Iranian mullahs? Hillary’s Uranium One deal and her whole Pay-To-Play Foundation? You want “Russian[or just plain Foreign] Collusion?” Corruption? Treason? Here […]

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