Campaigning for Big Mommy Warbucks, a pair of usefully idiotic Orphan Annies permanently stuck on stupid.

UPDATE 6/18/17: Joining today’s swelling chorus of Trump Hate, Patti LuPone sums it all up poetically, howling out of the side of her mouth, “I hate the m—–f—-r!” No great Broadway lyricist or even Shakespeare could have said it better.

UPDATE 6/12/17: Broadway goes Bonkers…again. Bette Midler at the Tonys announced that we live “in terrible, terrible times” because Hillary isn’t President.  And Trump is. In Bette’s Bubble, there is only spoiled rich royalty like her and her cronies in politics and show business. And then there are the rest of us Little People who are useless and pathetic without the beneficence of BigGov Lady Bountifuls like herself and Hillary and Barbra and the rest. Honorable mention for Broadway Cloddery of the night goes to Cynthia Nixon who lauded serial liar Lillian Hellmann for  being so prescient as to predict a Trump Presidency in “The Little Foxes.”  No, Cynthia. We dodged that. It’s Bill and Hillary and their America-For-Sale “charitable” Foundation that were routed and no longer able to “eat the earth and eat all the people on it.”

ORIGNAL POST 10/23/16: There wasn’t a light for every broken heart on Broadway on Monday night, October 17, but there was a Limousine for Every Liberal.

MC’ed by Billy Crystal, all the usual Lefty celebs came out in self-congratulatory droves to vindicate their 7-8 figure annual incomes, private jets, 5 or 6 lavish homes all over, decidedly bourgeois lifestyles by endorsing Bill Clinton’s wife in her run for absolute power over them and the rest of us. You may have heard: she’s the Leftwing/Liberal/Progressive champion of the Little Guy. Just like them.

Except what the rest of us see is just more of the very rich, famous and powerful in the corporate (show BUSINESS) sector frantically, very publicly re-establishing their bona fides with the rich, famous and powerful in the political sector. Back-scratching, bum-smooching, Crony Capitalism on steroids. No Little Guys in sight except those few disposable plebeian tokens always on tearful display as window dressing for media coverage.

The Golden Statuette for most ironic twist of this silly circus goes to Serious Actor Jon Hamm for doing a reading from Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here,” a 1935 warning about the dangers of Christianity-fueled fascism in America. Hamm and his back-smacking PC pals haven’t gotten the message that classic fascism has already arrived via the Obama/Clinton axis as Big Business in bed, lips locked, with Big Government. Hamm & Co. have confronted the enemy, and it is Themselves.

But again, being a proud Liberal (and Useful Idiot) means never having to say you’re sorry.

3 Replies to “Broadway/Hollywood’s Useful Idiots on proud parade
to prove It CAN Happen Here!”

  1. Right on, Fred! The economic, social and educational decline of minorities in the inner-cities has accelerated in these last eight years. These folks are the signpost for a future in which the government “takes care of us” all. This embarrassment has not seen the light of day in any of Clinton”s wife’s campaign promises, despite these people delivering their votes overwhelmingly for the Dems.

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