Ignore the noise, keep your eye on the ball.
Ignore the noise, keep your eye on the ball.

Electing Trump and averting a continuation of Obama’s sinister Transformation via Hillary continues to prove a very good gamble.

Allow the Potemkin Progressivism and phony Resistance noise to recede into its crowded foul corner and consider these very bright bits of news.

Unlike Progressive “success” this is real progress…if American liberty/freedom remains the goal, not the “equalizing” emasculation of BigGov. The Deplorable soul revels in the discomfort of those political animals who have proclaimed themselves more equal than all the rest of us.

Two more potential openings (Kennedy & Ginsburg) on the Supreme Court?! Imagine a Supreme Court guided by the fundamental Constitutional principle of freedom and not the suicidal social engineering of the Obamanable Three Weird Sisters and their Wily Wizard comrade Breyer!

A bit of hope for Inner City plantation slaves hooked on Democratic Party welfare “benevolence” for the last 50 years: Black unemployment at the lowest level in 17 years. Work, self-sufficiency, property ownership, personal dignity are the only way out. There’s a businessman with a massive resume of job creation at the helm.

Millionaires Mr. & Mrs. Bernie Sanders modestly, reluctantly take the spotlight alongside fellow rich socialists like Hillary to come under serious scrutiny for financial hanky-panky. We know they care about us more than we care about ourselves because they’ve said so, but we did want to ask a few questions about these champions of the 99 Percent regarding some very 1 Percent-like behavior. Just asking. To dispel any unfair suggestion that they’re a pack of hypocrites.

Although it comes off as just an impersonal Guinness statistic, it’s encouraging to hear that one can kill ISIS terrorists from as far away as 2 miles! No, it’s not a regrettable loss of human life as pacifists would insist. It’s saving innocent life by executing criminals committed to murder.

And then there’s the Ossoff toss-off. Even the irresistible Jane Fonda,  Nancy Pelosi and millions & millions of Hollywood/Concerned Liberal dollars can’t charm a bunch of Deplorable Georgia crackers into going for a silly pajama boy for Congress. One uplifting result: Nancy’s being scapegoated by her own Party. A very happy sight, enough to bring a little smile to the most cynical lips.

Nice try anyhow.

3 Replies to “Welcome Good News”

  1. Fred. A nice preaching to the choir piece. Like the reference linking, though setting the link to open in a new window would allow reading later, rather than having to go back and forth.
    Very informative. Red meat keeps the flock from straying.

    That said, the harsh tone distracts from the quality of the factual evidence. You don’t need it when facts are strong. For the more moderate minded, it’s a turn off. Worse, it allows them to dismiss your facts by defining you as fringe.

    But, I understand that’s your style. Myself, I try to persuade the misguided with less vitriol. 🙂

    I only get to debate by responding to progressive posts from left leaners, whose news feed I still get on facebook. Not surprisingly, the left leaners don’t want my cognitively dissonant newsfeeds, so the only way to get inside closed minds is to invade their safe space.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Fred,

    When speaking of the opposition… the group that wants to control every moment of our lives from cradle to grave (and expects us to pay for it) and yearns for us to be totally dependent on them, I have no issues with a little “vitriol.” They are second only to ISIS in wishing us deplorables harm…

  3. I could never be one of those quick-on-the-draw tv/radio pundits like Rush or Ann Coulter, so the next best thing is writing my modest little blog. Telling the truth and satirizing the opposition with a bit of sarcasm are luxuries I cannot deny myself. If I could be anything, I wish I had the talent to be a political cartoonist/caricaturist in the grand tradition of Thomas Nast,Jeff MacNelly and, currently, Michael Ramirez.

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