A nation of laws or men’s whims? Equality in slavery or inequality in freedom?

The Clintons and their unchecked climb from 60s radicals to Politburo Insiders are the central players in America’s slide into a lawless abyss, a Banana Republic ruled  over by an elite cabal of interchangeable tinpot dictators. Judging by FBI Director Comey’s decision to waive any legal consequences for her corruption, some animals on the American Farm are truly more equal than others.

Laughable Banana Lady.
Our Lady Of The Bananas.

IT BEGAN with Bill’s perjury and impeachment, followed not by disgrace but, rather, elevation to rock star status. Hillary’s arrogant disregard of security protocol to hide her own shady, self-enriching dealings should have instantly spelled the end of her public career. Her heartless lies surrounding Benghazi covering up her own incompetence would, by themselves in a sane world, be another death blow to her Presidential ambitions. Instead, she is the Demo Party standard bearer, the smart money to take the White House in November.

O America, whither the law? Do not Bill & Hillary’s blatant, unchecked greed and willingness to be bought for the right price not give anyone pause? Do those supporting her actually believe she’s being bought for a good cause, other than Herself?

Top Banana. Given absolute power, even Carmen Miranda looks like this.

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