Hey, it's Philly. Any chance local Democrat/Lib hero and Cause Celebrant Mumia can speak at the convention?
Hey, it’s Philly. Any chance local Democrat/Radical Chic hero and Cause Celebrant Mumia can speak at the convention?

Showing little remorse or outrage at the cold-blooded murder of police officers and publicly celebrating Black Lives Matter as one’s comrades can have its consequences at the polls. Most sensible people (which does not include today’s hardcore Hillary/Bernie supporters) see the counter-productive results of undermining law enforcement and The Law in general.

Looking into the crystal ball: a little more karmic kickback for Mrs. Bill Clinton and her mindbogglingly corrupt Democratic Party.  (Rumor has it this  serial liar and greedy pay-for-play recipient of bribes running into 9 figures via her Crime Family “Foundation” is running for public office). How strange she’s made it this far.

Hillary’s own personal identification with the lawless, amoral and sociopathic is understandable. Takes one to know one. But for the sake of getting law-abiding suckers…er…voters in her corner, she might take a minute to look up “flag, burning of American” and “police, championing killers of” for further clarification.


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