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UPDATE 3/21/24: Special praise to Bari Weiss, a former NY Times “liberal” who got awakened from Woke and now provides invaluable, real journalism in service to things as they are, not as our Woke betters decree.

UPDATE 3/8/24: In the first minutes of his SOTU screed, “nice” ol’ Geezer-In-Chief Joe started out comparing his political opposition to Adolf Hitler/Tojo, and it went downhill from there. Nominally a Presidential address regarding the American nation, we heard little about what actually ails the Union but were bullied to believe that the greatest, noblest fight of our lives involves…the Ukraine. Presumably, next in line of importance is the non-existent climate “crisis” and perhaps the persecution and mass slaughter of all those wholesome young people who want nothing more than easily available surgical “gender affirming care.”

For the serious-minded, just for starters, there is border invasion, rampant inflation, the willful banning of the cheap, plentiful energy that literally runs our daily lives; a government that has devolved into something resembling a Stalinist regime, targeting and imprisoning dissenters, prime among them the leader of the opposition political Party; an educational system now fully metastasized by Marxist ideology, K thru college, the shocking rise of unambiguous antisemitism in our midst…

THAT is the sorry state of this Union.

UPDATE 2/27/24: Every word rings true.

UPDATE 2/22/24: In all things but most dramatically in the Leftist media’s reporting on Trump vs. Biden, the “fact-checkers” are the foxes guarding the henhouse, beyond the reach of the law. That’s fair play to those who have no taste for debate or anything resembling a pluralistic, open-minded society. Nowadays, a reliable measure of what is true or not is taking virtually any position of BrandonWorld and looking at the diametrically opposed position.

UPDATE 1/22/24: Dramatist David Mamet holds forth, a performing arts celebrity who is excited by things and ideas that work, not the boring, wholly self-serving hypocrisy of his Left-leaning colleagues in show biz.

UPDATE 12/11/23: The celebration of light, goodness, truth infusing both Chanukah and Christmas provide uplifting metaphors for what unites Christians and Jews.

UPDATE 11/21/23: As The Big Lies seem to envelope us like a tidal wave, the only antidote is average Joe & Jane seeking out and speaking the truth. We are fortunate to live in the age of the Internet where a genuinely freewheeling marketplace of ideas is still available to anyone with a computer which is practically everybody. The great misfortune of all eras is that too many, like indoctrinated & blinkered children, are cowed by those tyrants with the biggest megaphones demanding that “truth” be left to the “experts,” the “professionals.”

UPDATE 10/30/23: It’s no longer possible to deny that full extinction of Hamas by Israel is an absolute necessity. Perhaps an even harder dose of reality is recognizing the actual nature of our world since time immemorial where evil beyond imagining is an omnipresence that never sleeps. On the contrary, it must be forever exposed, targeted and destroyed. Again. And then again.

Reality vs. ideology. Reality always wins because it is actually life as it is, not as  people in denial insist it should be.

UPDATE 9/1/23: Minus the truth on any significant issue, what is left? Those on the Left living to destroy freedom here and everywhere know well that suppression of the truth is their most effective weapon. Tragically, half of America is willing to aid them in this diabolical mission.

UPDATE 8/26/23: For those familiar with Ayn Rand’s novels and essays, a world plagued by arbitrary lockdowns and absurdities galore (gender spectrums, climate change) is no surprise. One longs for our very own Galt’s Gulch where free, clear-thinking individuals thrive in independent harmony far, far away from the tyranny of centralized Big Government and the intellectual/moral midgets voting repeatedly for it. For now, we can only hope for an honest election giving voice to decent people guided by their own rational self-interest.

UPDATE 8/23/23: Young people are slowly waking up to the sensible idea that, without a specific reason for career advancement, “going to college” is a waste of time and money. 

UPDATE 8/13/23: Douglas Murray evokes Thomas Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.” One is moved to visit a beautiful, old cemetery or some ancient ruins and remind oneself: life goes fast; live it well.

UPDATE 8/3/23: As we observe the dark forces running the present administration make every effort to destroy Donald Trump, we have come face-to-face with pure evil. To pretend otherwise requires accommodation to a slow suicide of the America we love. It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. One has little choice but to recognize the enemy, to remain optimistic, and, somehow, to persevere.

Minus Satan’s face, this is not a doctored photo but a real image of  deliberate design presented by Joe’s Deep State handlers to remind us to be afraid, very afraid. 

UPDATE 7/28/23: It’s yet one more disturbing sign of the times when someone with the prestige and power of a Kennedy finds himself targeted by the cancellation Nazis for “misinformation.” Apparently, our friends on the Prog Left have forgotten that free speech is the FIRST Amendment from which all other Constitutional rights are derived. Without it, we are lost. But watching free life vanish under their influence seems to be the raison d’etre of those power mongers working overtime to bring it about.

UPDATE 7/26/23:  The proliferation of slander, lies, pure nonsense coming from the usual scummy sources invalidates anything those sources say now, however true it might actually be. The stopped clock is right twice a day.

UPDATE 7/24/23: Deliberate lies from the MSM and individuals in high places pose perhaps the overriding danger confronting us. What to believe? If  Bobby Kennedy, Jr. actually claimed that Jews and Chinese have deliberately been spared from harm by evil gene-manipulators (presumably Jewish and/or Chinese!) creating Covid, he’s very likely undermining his overall credibility and his many legitimate claims regarding The Vax and Virus. Kennedy says he was referring to, not  giving final validation to the existence of  Covid creators designing a virus that targets everyone except Chinese and Jews.

Whatever. The problem is the fanatical move to kill open, free exchange of ideas.  His views on a variety of topics raise serious questions about what he thinks would be best for Americans under his hypothetical leadership. Let him speak, let the truth be told about who said what and what was said and may common sense prevail in response.

UPDATE 7/5/23: The mania from the Left to censor RFK, Jr. only makes his ideas more interesting to the seriously minded.

UPDATE 6/30/23:  RFK, Jr. has become a figure of interest to the serious-minded transcending political parties because he insists on seeking out and telling the truth. It also has made him a serious target for powerful forces invested in those lies Kennedy is determined to expose. 

UPDATE 5/20/23: So far, not happening.

UPDATE 5/5/23: We are a universe out of balance with the proliferation of repeated high crimes against humanity by political figures that go unpunished. “Why bother exposing all this?” ask serious, frustrated people. The simple answer is that the truth must see the light, so that someday, somehow, there is justice. One never has to regret telling the truth.

4/30/23: Tucker Carlson’s firing by Fox News and his response is a heartening sign that what truly matters in our political discourse is getting through to the masses. And what is getting through is panicking the Big Guys (including the Fox faux “conservatives”) who control the flow of information. Telling the truth in America, now under severe attack, free speech itself, may have a bright future after all.

UPDATE 4/26/23: Reality vs. BrandonWorld. 

UPDATE 4/22/23: In this dark age of lockdowns and assorted life-destroying mandates, lawless cities, transgender mutilation of minors, stolen elections, an “insurrection” DC gulag, we ask the question, again and again and again: where is justice served? Where is the truth? Ted Cruz’ new book focuses on a legal system corrupted by the Left to destroy the innocent and empower the guilty. 

Glenn Beck apparently feels the same. 

UPDATE 4/15/23: The contrast between social media giants Wikipedia and Elon Musk’s newly liberated Twitter tells the story of our era’s pivotal dilemma: information vs. misinformation, the truth vs. the lie.

UPDATE 3/19/23: Winning the Information War(s)! In the long run, wars can be won by sustaining moral and/or military support to the civilian populations suffering directly under the tyrannies that threaten us, Russia and China paramount among them. Former Senators Gordon Humphrey and Joe Lieberman are behind a Radio Free Europe type of video just released called “To The People Of Russia.”

It served its purpose then. Why not now?

UPDATE 3/18/23: There is a handful of issues that must remain front-and-center on America’s radar. As frightening as things are, it’s bracing to see those things as they are, not to pretend they’re otherwise. Among them: China wants to conquer us; the Covid Vax/Lockdown fiasco must be a wake-up call alerting us to the real danger of permanently losing our God-given liberties; the next Pearl Harbor/9-11 is a question of when, not if; BrandonWorld is a warning about the consequences of the corrupted election process; parents taking control of their children’s education is the only hope America has for future survival. There’s always more, but where better to focus than on those points?

A book title that offers the best advice.

UPDATE 3/4/23: Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana is always good for both a laugh and an invigorating dose of common sense, one of our best messengers delivering the gospel of truth. 

UPDATE 2/26/23: The drama being played out at Project Veritas is sadly akin to the long knives routine played out in banana republics. Scandal within an organization that exists entirely to expose scandal is not a good look.

UPDATE 2/22/23: Why the ejection of the founder and public face of Project Veritas right on the heels of their biggest story ever to break? Could this move to disgrace O’Keefe and the whole organization be a panicked attempt to delegitimize the story exposing unalloyed evil by Pfizer? Who are the Veritas Board members behind this? We wait to see what dots are connected in this classic tale of corporate corruption.  

UPDATE 2/14/23: We are experiencing a different kind of destructive revolution tearing our country apart. This one is top-down, not from the oppressed lower strata but from the highest echelons of power…but always in the name of the peasants and have-nots. 

UPDATE 2/10/23: Troubling to hear that there is internal trouble at Project Veritas, James O’Keefe’s invaluable investigative team laying bare lies of various men & women “behind the curtain” by getting the real truth brought out in front of the curtain on hidden surveillance film. Among their best work has been exposure of Planned Parenthood’s marketing of aborted baby parts and most recently, captured video of a high-level Pfizer doctor broadcasting his employer’s plans to reboot Covid and even create new strains of the virus to generate new mega-sales.

Suspicions run high that the organization has been infiltrated by planted subversives, thanks to poor vetting of newly hired board members; and now O’Keefe, the founder and public face of Veritas, appears to be the target of a engineered corporate coup.

DATE 2/9/23: In a very encouraging 90 minute conversation, Hollywood actor Richard Dreyfuss says that Glenn Beck “outed” him. What he means is that, unlike most of the brainless Woke celebs infesting his business, Dreyfuss genuinely loves America and her fundamental values going back to the Founding of the country. He and Glenn may not agree on absolutely everything, but the truth of American exceptionalism and what she has uniquely provided all of us for 250 years is what unites all honorable, rational people, American or otherwise. What may come as a surprise to many, Dreyfuss is one of those.

UPDATE 11/2/23: Imagine a world where the so-called conspiracy theories dismissed as “misinformation” turn out to be true. Enjoy the thought of these ten spiked/suppressed stories (J6, vaccines, Paul Pelosi, Ukraine, China, WEF, +++…) seeing the full light of day in the next year. And for general clarity and sense of purposeful direction, keep Sharyl Attkisson’s list of 11 hard truths and points of focus on your radar at all times.

UPDATE 12/23/22: Contrary to what Kiwi Covid tyrant Jacinda Jardern insisted about her government being the single source of truth, one can put money on the likelihood that everything coming from the present American administration is a lie. 

UPDATE 12/18/22: It seems objective reality is making a roaring comeback with boundless thanks to Elon Musk and his jaw-dropping dedication to making his immense personal power a weapon for truth, justice and the American way. The FBI/CIA connection is just one long-darkened spot now coming into the light providing startling revelations and evidence going back even to the Kennedy assassination. We now even know that LBJ was actually a member of the KKK which has certainly never been common knowledge. This is hardly a surprise to those of us never terribly enamored of that bigger-than-bigtime political opportunist from Texas who gave us The Great Society and is credited with exulting to his dubious Southern supporters, “We’ll have those niggers voting for us for the next 200 years.”

We pray this truth-telling of a freed Twitter birdie becomes a like a Hitchcock nightmare pecking away at those manipulating us from the shadows. Only such a conflagration of facts and objective scholarship can set America firmly back on the course from which it has dangerously deviated for most of our lifetimes.

Who’s spying ON whom? Who’s working WITH whom? Who’s working FOR whom?

UPDATE 11/5/22: Experience teaches us that things need to hit rock bottom before a sleepwalking public wakes up to the consequences of not trusting their own survival instincts. If elections predictions are correct (not to mention public actions being taken all over the country), they are responding to the truth rather than to what the “experts” tell them is for their own good.

UPDATE 9/19/22: Truth is the great unifier. Conversely, in its absence when a whole society swallows lies whole, it is the great divider.

UPDATE 9/6/22: Science is our tool for finding the truth, not “your truth” or “my truth.” The truth. In these truly mad times, objective reality as determined by real science is regressing to a primitive state, the newly skewed, politicized view of weather (global warming) and biology (gender spectrum) being just two examples. Follow the real, objective science, not the compromised, all-too-human scientist.

8/28/22: What’s the solution when one town legitimately wants to remove a mural celebrating notorious anti-semite Louis Farrakhan while simultaneously protesting the erasure of anyone the Left has deemed even minutely “un-Woke?” This is a battle between the nonsense of “my truth” vs. “your truth.” Are we so far gone that there is no common agreement about good and evil, right and wrong, objective truth? The courts from small town on up to The Supreme are compromised and under attack. Who and what decides? From whence cometh my help?

Even the avowed agnostic and atheist must face the full meaning, the life-and-death importance of being a nation of laws, specifically “one nation, indivisible, under God.” Good people are His emissaries on earth. Quite the responsibility…and the only sure path to salvation in this life and whatever is to come.

UPDATE 8/27/22: As mad and bad as things are, there is the often unacknowledged presence of truth and good character that will always be the glue holding us together.  

UPDATE 3/1/22: Finding common ground is a hard-earned blessing, particularly nowadays as political factions worldwide are deliberately polarized. Cal Thomas has written this week very movingly of his bond with Bob Beckel, a simple human story well worth a read. 

UPDATE 2/17/22: There’s comfort in witnessing a slow but steady unraveling of the Covid narrative, but for many there is still confusion about where to gain the full truth of the real science and of the scandal that has ensued. Start with The Great Barrington Declaration, then follow more of those without a political/financial agenda. Thankfully, they are numerous.

UPDATE 1/15/22: For those self-styled “intellectuals” who view their relationship with the New York Times like a religious source guiding them into what’s true in this world, there is a terrible shock & reckoning somewhere in their futures. Admittedly, some will only awake from their Wokeness in the Afterlife.

UPDATE 10/1/21: Since we are being sensory overloaded with disaster every day from BIdenworld, one gratefully welcomes the concise Cliff Notes edition of this epic horror film script. Merciful are just a few, clear words keeping the nausea and vertigo at bay while still allowing us to retain some grasp on things. For the masochistically inclined hungry for more specifics, feel free to float around in the bilge that is our political ether these days. But do take a good, sturdy paddle, trusted herbal remedies and a hazmat suit.

UPDATE 9/10/21: To go by the events of only the last week or two and the string of self-inflicted wounds, America as a great and free country is really on the ropes. To think otherwise is sadly delusional, but one still needs to think optimistically and act decisively. What do you have to lose? Better to die trying than succumb passively.

9/4/21: Truth, science and its credibility in the eyes of the general public has proven to be a primary casualty of the CoronaCraze thanks to its accompanying plague of “experts.”

UPDATE 8/7/21: Listening to Arthur Clarke’s remarkable 1964 predictions involving instant global communication in the 21st century is inspiring. As he foretold, one can do virtually everything from brain surgery to shopping without leaving one’s own living/working space; and travel about the planet is “just for pleasure.” One only hopes that our Leftist Master Planners ultimately fail in their plans to rob  us of all the pleasures of free movement and association on the pretext of “safety” or the next manufactured “lockdown” crisis.

UPDATE 7/27/21: Under what better category to pay tribute to a great comedian but Truth, The Great Uniter. This is a site attempting to stand athwart a world plagued by lies, treachery, power lust and cruelty  and the resultant suffering humans suffer at the hands of one another. That said, the need to laugh and handle God’s joke on us is paramount. Jackie Mason had that special comic gift that conveyed itself in the anxious, shrill, high-frequency rant uniquely the possession of a first generation American Jew. His passing and that of the irreplaceable sensibility at the core of his artistry is cause for profound regret. 

UPDATE 6/18/21: No easy task seeking out and speaking truth in the today’s cultural atmosphere poisoned almost beyond tolerance by criminal, malignant ideas masquerading as “politics.” Such toxicity unchecked and unopposed spells the death of what used to be called common sense, commonly shared truth that should be guiding a society of rational people. We are choking on very bad, evil ideas.  Naturally, any dissent to these wicked concepts is projected as censorship by the selfsame liars whose only mission is to stifle the truth. Whither common sense.  Little mystery it’s missing in our elected idiots but what of The Common Man who put them in power?

We cannot survive as a society or as individuals on a cultural diet of lies. Either the truth becomes the norm routinely putting lies to flight, or we perish as from an unchecked cancer that spreads and kills.

ORIGINAL POST 1/17/21: Amazing how destructive divisions between good people cease to matter when telling the truth is their shared highest value. In that is our salvation and greatest hope…and the most powerful weapon against those who would enslave and destroy us.

UPDATE 1/19/21: Numerous court cases regarding election fraud remain to be tried. If we are fortunate enough to have the courts, at all levels lowest to highest, do what they did not do prior to inauguration, will the Biden administration be legitimate? And if not, what then?

ORIGINAL POST 1/18/21: Funny how a little word like “truth” keeps coming up as we grasp at whatever straws our conservative minds can come up with in response to the tidal wave of lies. We live in a state of foreboding, our worst fears realized as we face the likelihood of  a totalitarian, Orwellian reality like none we Americans have known. Free speech is under severe attack and even pronounced dead in too many corners. Many of our longtime friends, neighbors, relatives are gone from our lives thanks to the Obama legacy of Identity Politics, the deadly virus of permanent civil war and strife  injected into our national bloodstream. The germ of that virus is The Lie, small and large, that with repetition has taken on cancerous life in our system; and those of us intent on survival do not have the option of denial. In civil disputes our recourse has always been our justice system, now apparently moribund thanks to craven complicity and capitulation at the highest levels. Is there an honestly run courtroom left in this land where we can state our case? Is our only choice mass acceptance of tyranny? Leftism is now the mainstream opiate of the perpetually disgruntled masses.

Obama Big Brother

“What now?” we ask.

What’s now is that we are about to suffer through the equal-opposite reaction to Trump’s remarkable presence on the scene, bashing his way gloriously through the red tape, inertia and just plain nasty intentions of traditional politics to real results. His effectiveness has exposed the enemies of real progress (the Left and the bitterly pointless NeoCon RINOs). Their vengeance will not be kind or amenable to reason and logic. Lesson #1 is that reason and logic have little or no use against those who would rule and destroy us.

Positive results and solutions are totally irrelevant to those religiously devoted to the nihilism of the Marxist vacuum.  Everything true, logical, healthy, freedom-loving runs contrary to who they are and what they plan for the rest of us.


The truth is that, denied our judicial system,  truth as lived by millions of individuals has never mattered so much. Given the survival of individual free will and basic material resources, each of us still has the power to state our case and prove it over the long run. In the short run, we are about to live through a new heyday for the Master Planners. Government’s heretofore limited presence in our lives is very likely to go into overwhelm in the Communist Chinese mode. No longer will there be any pretense of following the fairy tale of the benign-sounding “democratic socialism” of Scandinavia but, instead, the quietly brutal Red Chinese model. The totalitarian dry run known as mass lockdown is, in origin and response, start to finish, Made In China; and our incoming nouveau-riche First Family is not known as the Beijing Bidens for nothing.

This is not cheery news,  particularly with the stepped-up crackdown of Big Tech/DC censorship on Trump and his supporters. On the other hand, human freedom and ingenuity will not rest, springing up like the grass that won’t stop growing through cracks in the pavement or London’s fire flowers. New independent, rogue technology evading the Big Tech monsters is already sprouting up. And as of this week, Facebook and Twitter (according to one source) have shown a massive ($51 billion!) loss in stock value. Even the soulless multibillionaires running these tech leviathans have reason to be concerned. When all is said and done, they are still reliant on the passive cooperation of those “dumb f-ks” (Zuckerberg’s term) stupid enough to consume their products.

Likewise, if those 70+millions of common sensical Americans remember for whom and what they voted, we have a future.

Trump rally

2 Replies to “Truth matters.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Fred.
    I engage in private debates with a couple useful idiots. They’re well meaning, but sorely misinformed. Their willingness to engage gives me some hope for the future.

    There are some who won’t debate. They are the ones that trouble me. Never have there been so many, with so little about which, to be so arrogant. Mostly union school teachers.

    Keep the faith. We still have the SCOTUS majority. We can only pray they have something left in their scrotum, when we sue to bust the web trusts, fix the election process (ending mail in ballots) and stop any unconstitutional legislation (packing the court, admitting 2 more blue states and amnesty for illegals by executive fiat).

    Without the focused hate on Trump, Biden supporters may recognize their folly and stay home for the midterm elections. Let’s hope Biden doesn’t do any real damage in the next two years.

    All the best,

    1. Debate among those we know is of little use as even the Liberals who claim to be patriotic and anti-communist, even pro-capitalist will always opt for their Party’s far-Left drift rather than be associated with anything smacking of “conservatism.” The Supreme Court has proven itself party to the catastrophe by refusing to even allow the case for election fraud to be tried for the public to see. Useless. So the best anyone can do is continue life and work in as normal a fashion as possible. I am fortunate to be able to do that while millions of other are forcibly locked in their houses and out of work. Criminal, as un-Constitutional as one can imagine. And the new regime has only begun to crack down. The lockdowns have been a successful trial run for a Red Chinese America. Not a pretty picture, and I only hope more people like myself can continue to function as fully as possible…and look forward optimistically to the day when the crimes against Trump and everyone supporting him are laid out with all evidence on full display, finally making his (and our) case.

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