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UPDATE 10/1/21: Since we are being sensory overloaded with disaster every day from BIdenworld, one gratefully welcomes the concise Cliff Notes edition of this epic horror film script. Merciful are just a few, clear words keeping the nausea and vertigo at bay while still allowing us to retain some grasp on things. For the masochistically inclined hungry for more specifics, feel free to float around in the bilge that is our political ether these days. But do take a good, sturdy paddle, trusted herbal remedies and a hazmat suit.

UPDATE 9/10/21: To go by the events of only the last week or two and the string of self-inflicted wounds, America as a great and free country is really on the ropes. To think otherwise is sadly delusional, but one still needs to think optimistically and act decisively. What do you have to lose? Better to die trying than succumb passively.

9/4/21: Truth, science and its credibility in the eyes of the general public has proven to be a primary casualty of the CoronaCraze thanks to its accompanying plague of “experts.”

UPDATE 8/7/21: Listening to Arthur Clarke’s remarkable 1964 predictions involving instant global communication in the 21st century is inspiring. As he foretold, one can do virtually everything from brain surgery to shopping without leaving one’s own living/working space; and travel about the planet is “just for pleasure.” One only hopes that our Leftist Master Planners ultimately fail in their plans to rob  us of all the pleasures of free movement and association on the pretext of “safety” or the next manufactured “lockdown” crisis.

UPDATE 7/27/21: Under what better category to pay tribute to a great comedian but Truth, The Great Uniter. This is a site attempting to stand athwart a world plagued by lies, treachery, power lust and cruelty  and the resultant suffering humans suffer at the hands of one another. That said, the need to laugh and handle God’s joke on us is paramount. Jackie Mason had that special comic gift that conveyed itself in the anxious, shrill, high-frequency rant uniquely the possession of a first generation American Jew. His passing and that of the irreplaceable sensibility at the core of his artistry is cause for profound regret. 

UPDATE 6/18/21: No easy task seeking out and speaking truth in the today’s cultural atmosphere poisoned almost beyond tolerance by criminal, malignant ideas masquerading as “politics.” Such toxicity unchecked and unopposed spells the death of what used to be called common sense, commonly shared truth that should be guiding a society of rational people. We are choking on very bad, evil ideas.  Naturally, any dissent to these wicked concepts is projected as censorship by the selfsame liars whose only mission is to stifle the truth. Whither common sense.  Little mystery it’s missing in our elected idiots but what of The Common Man who put them in power?

We cannot survive as a society or as individuals on a cultural diet of lies. Either the truth becomes the norm routinely putting lies to flight, or we perish as from an unchecked cancer that spreads and kills.

ORIGINAL POST 1/17/21: Amazing how destructive divisions between good people cease to matter when telling the truth is their shared highest value. In that is our salvation and greatest hope…and the most powerful weapon against those who would enslave and destroy us.

UPDATE 1/19/21: Numerous court cases regarding election fraud remain to be tried. If we are fortunate enough to have the courts, at all levels lowest to highest, do what they did not do prior to inauguration, will the Biden administration be legitimate? And if not, what then?

ORIGINAL POST 1/18/21: Funny how a little word like “truth” keeps coming up as we grasp at whatever straws our conservative minds can come up with in response to the tidal wave of lies. We live in a state of foreboding, our worst fears realized as we face the likelihood of  a totalitarian, Orwellian reality like none we Americans have known. Free speech is under severe attack and even pronounced dead in too many corners. Many of our longtime friends, neighbors, relatives are gone from our lives thanks to the Obama legacy of Identity Politics, the deadly virus of permanent civil war and strife  injected into our national bloodstream. The germ of that virus is The Lie, small and large, that with repetition has taken on cancerous life in our system; and those of us intent on survival do not have the option of denial. In civil disputes our recourse has always been our justice system, now apparently moribund thanks to craven complicity and capitulation at the highest levels. Is there an honestly run courtroom left in this land where we can state our case? Is our only choice mass acceptance of tyranny? Leftism is now the mainstream opiate of the perpetually disgruntled masses.

Obama Big Brother

“What now?” we ask.

What’s now is that we are about to suffer through the equal-opposite reaction to Trump’s remarkable presence on the scene, bashing his way gloriously through the red tape, inertia and just plain nasty intentions of traditional politics to real results. His effectiveness has exposed the enemies of real progress (the Left and the bitterly pointless NeoCon RINOs). Their vengeance will not be kind or amenable to reason and logic. Lesson #1 is that reason and logic have little or no use against those who would rule and destroy us.

Positive results and solutions are totally irrelevant to those religiously devoted to the nihilism of the Marxist vacuum.  Everything true, logical, healthy, freedom-loving runs contrary to who they are and what they plan for the rest of us.


The truth is that, denied our judicial system,  truth as lived by millions of individuals has never mattered so much. Given the survival of individual free will and basic material resources, each of us still has the power to state our case and prove it over the long run. In the short run, we are about to live through a new heyday for the Master Planners. Government’s heretofore limited presence in our lives is very likely to go into overwhelm in the Communist Chinese mode. No longer will there be any pretense of following the fairy tale of the benign-sounding “democratic socialism” of Scandinavia but, instead, the quietly brutal Red Chinese model. The totalitarian dry run known as mass lockdown is, in origin and response, start to finish, Made In China; and our incoming nouveau-riche First Family is not known as the Beijing Bidens for nothing.

This is not cheery news,  particularly with the stepped-up crackdown of Big Tech/DC censorship on Trump and his supporters. On the other hand, human freedom and ingenuity will not rest, springing up like the grass that won’t stop growing through cracks in the pavement or London’s fire flowers. New independent, rogue technology evading the Big Tech monsters is already sprouting up. And as of this week, Facebook and Twitter (according to one source) have shown a massive ($51 billion!) loss in stock value. Even the soulless multibillionaires running these tech leviathans have reason to be concerned. When all is said and done, they are still reliant on the passive cooperation of those “dumb f-ks” (Zuckerberg’s term) stupid enough to consume their products.

Likewise, if those 70+millions of common sensical Americans remember for whom and what they voted, we have a future.

Trump rally

2 Replies to “Truth matters.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Fred.
    I engage in private debates with a couple useful idiots. They’re well meaning, but sorely misinformed. Their willingness to engage gives me some hope for the future.

    There are some who won’t debate. They are the ones that trouble me. Never have there been so many, with so little about which, to be so arrogant. Mostly union school teachers.

    Keep the faith. We still have the SCOTUS majority. We can only pray they have something left in their scrotum, when we sue to bust the web trusts, fix the election process (ending mail in ballots) and stop any unconstitutional legislation (packing the court, admitting 2 more blue states and amnesty for illegals by executive fiat).

    Without the focused hate on Trump, Biden supporters may recognize their folly and stay home for the midterm elections. Let’s hope Biden doesn’t do any real damage in the next two years.

    All the best,

    1. Debate among those we know is of little use as even the Liberals who claim to be patriotic and anti-communist, even pro-capitalist will always opt for their Party’s far-Left drift rather than be associated with anything smacking of “conservatism.” The Supreme Court has proven itself party to the catastrophe by refusing to even allow the case for election fraud to be tried for the public to see. Useless. So the best anyone can do is continue life and work in as normal a fashion as possible. I am fortunate to be able to do that while millions of other are forcibly locked in their houses and out of work. Criminal, as un-Constitutional as one can imagine. And the new regime has only begun to crack down. The lockdowns have been a successful trial run for a Red Chinese America. Not a pretty picture, and I only hope more people like myself can continue to function as fully as possible…and look forward optimistically to the day when the crimes against Trump and everyone supporting him are laid out with all evidence on full display, finally making his (and our) case.

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