As the Dem Party 2020 wannabes¬† continue to scramble over one another for the most insane, impossible $MultiTrillion promises to the masses, one can only wonder what has happened to the electorate they’re wooing: Green New Deals that outlaw the fossil fuel energy that runs our modern world;¬† Universal Guaranteed Income/weekly checks from Uncle Sam; FREE Medicare [and everything else] For All

What have they forgotten to ensure that all Americans become part of one big Soviet/Venezuelan daycare center?

While the Free World slept....
While the Free World slept….

Huxley’s “Brave New World” and Orwell’s “1984” seem to have arrived in force if this injection of the mass opiate Soma and Big Brother’s limitless, asphyxiating “kindness” is what half the country seeks. As Huxley pointed out repeatedly, such a cataclysmic revolution need not be effected by force. On the contrary, we are witnessing a non-violent takeover of our lives.¬† And those of us clinging to our guns & inner lives, refusing to succumb, resisting, valuing liberty over mythical “equality” are to be branded the dangerous ones, the “Enemies Of The People.” Then the violence from Above begins.

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