Reminder: we’re a republic, not a democracy…at least for those of us who’d like to live and let live.

March 26, 2017


America’s uniqueness as the freest society in human history originates from our founding as a republic, not a democracy as is often misunderstood. Democracy is a 51% bloc of voters lording its viewpoint over that of the other 49%. A republic is a society of individuals going independently about their business.  A democracy fosters mass control, totalitarianism,  an Orwellian equality within which some animals always are more equal than others. In a republic, powers are separated by the states and individuals operating in relative autonomy and everyone-individuals and states-answerable only to the rule of law, not a monarch or dictator/oligarch or the Federal government or the “will of the majority.”

Apparently, there are some of us who think centralized control is preferable to each of us going our individual ways. And thus lies the struggle at the heart of our politics, particularly when the line between Liberal Democrat and Red Fascist becomes alarmingly blurred.

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