What the well-dressed domestic terrorist will be wearing in the near future may soon be indistinguishable from New Democratic Party apparel.


UPDATE 12/20/21: It should be no mystery why the strangely well-orchestrated AntiFa/BLM riots (aka “peaceful protests”) are currently conspicuous in their absence. Could it be they are active only when directed to be so by the Soros-funded pro-crime Dem Party? Inconveniently, the smash ‘n grab looters lie outside the jurisdiction of any political Party and are having a Christmas season heyday.

ORIGINGAL POST 2/12/17: Something to be cheerful about: judging by whom the Dems are choosing for their new leadership, the Repubs can look forward to at least a generation or two of total dominance having captured both the House and Senate, majorities of governorships and in State Houses. Oh, and the Presidency.

In response, rather than moderate their failed Marxist ways, we now see yet a madder lurch to the Left for the Dems and a concerted effort to subvert the entire Trump agenda. Leading contenders for heading the New Dem Party are two of Obama’s most radical acolytes: Minnesota Sharia Muslim Keith Ellison and former cabinet activist Thomas Perez. Clearly Trump’s success in re-establishing legally controlled borders, creating millions of new jobs and driving back terrorism would be the Dem Party’s worst nightmare. So, extreme measures are in order, the most sinister of which is the re-introduction of Obama’s “National Civilian Security Force.” Remember? His very own army of Black Shirted masked thugs, proposed during his first campaign in 2008 but deemed unnecessary until the present. Now called Organization For Action (OFA), reputedly 32,000 strong and heavily funded (most likely by Soros & friends), we can look forward to more well orchestrated subversion, violence, sabotage and intimidation a la Black Lives Matter and the paid agitation seen last week at UC-Berkeley and NYU.

Overseeing this incendiary pursuit: none other than that outgoing permanent blight and Community Agitator BHO. As Trump has brought a refreshing new style and positive energy to the Presidency, Obama adds the mantle of Most Disgraceful (and Dangerous) Ex-POTUS to his Worst POTUS Ever trophy.



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  1. At some point in time, law enforcement undoubtedly will begin to deal with these law breakers in a way that should dissuade them from future lawbreaking. One would hope. Perhaps we are beginning to see that now with those who caused the disruptions on the Inaguration Day. Unfortunately, George Soros seems to be immune from prosecution for his involvement in inciting anarchy. It begs the question: Why does Congress continue to pass laws that are not enforced?

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