A tribute to a different time when much, much more was expected of the average Joe. Equally a tribute to their devoted families and the Honor Flight people who have made this happen.

God bless¬†America, God bless us all. What a country. What we’re still fighting for.


One Reply to “Honor Flight: WWII heroes, their famlies and the Honor Flight network put things in perspective.”

  1. Honor Flight tells a profound story in amazing contrast with today. Seventy-five years ago the Greatest Generation, at age 18-22, were fighting for the freedoms of ours and other nations in Theatres of War around the world. Today’s 18-22 year old Americans, living in the privileged enclaves of the world’s finest universities, are somehow using those freedoms to shut down free speech. When privilege comes easy, it is easily discounted, taken for granted and eventually lost.

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