Tolerance and Denial.
Tolerance and Denial.

To understand how the Left accomplishes its anti-social aims with such relative ease can be explained by the concepts of Tolerance and Denial, elaborated on in some detail by publisher and author Howard Rotberg. Sensible people are confronted daily with this or that well-intentioned madness and are expected to be “tolerant.” At what point, does such tolerance and denial become suicide?

Survival, both mental and literal, rides on recognizing this great Humanitarian Hoax as it arises, here, there and everywhere. The hallowed Age of Obama and his promised Transformation provide too many disturbing examples. Genuinely tolerant people are expected to make excuses and give a pass to the PC Left’s repeated grenade tosses into the midst of our age-old norms.

Tolerance and Denial.

A pattern emerges. Radical, violent Islam is “just one of many religions” (which, we are informed, are all rotten and obsolete anyhow.) Likewise, Western civilization, which has guaranteed the blessings of individual rights on countless millions, is fundamentally evil. Gender, male & female, is an outmoded concept (like religion). Similarly, physical borders, separate countries with their own sovereign laws, are passe. It’s stuck-on-stupid John-and-Yoko World although being multi-millionaire “dreamers,” those two very, very rich capitalists lived in enviable splendor at the Dakota, not out among “the people.” And they had doormen and locks on their doors. “Imagine” that.

The pattern here is the breakdown of all norms, boundaries, individuals into one big malleable, chaotic mess. And the same power-hungry scoundrels who’ve been around since the cave tirelessly update the inviting, tender-hearted message. The goal remains control. Who will be the next Barack or Hillary offering the comfy Master Plan? One can be sure there’s always some freshly scented bag of manure waiting in the wings to be brought out to tempt the tolerant deniers who have always made up the gullible masses.

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