Hillary’s Yellow Cake

April 24, 2015

A perfect new image, an everyday-people-sort-of-homey trademark/logo for the Czarina-in-waiting. Russian yellow cake from an old family recipe passed down to Her from those heretofore unmentioned immigrant grandparents hailing from the Siberian steppes or somewhere Over There. Maybe Grams & Gramps were from Nepal where she got her name, thanks to Edmund Hillary. Or maybe Bosnia where she barely survived that wild sniper fire attack at the airport. Or maybe the recipe was in one of those “personal” emails from her wedding planner/yoga teacher/mortician. Or something. Whatever.

Hillary's Russian Yellow Cake.

Hillary’s Russian Yellow Cake.

Tasty goods. Everyone's happy.

Maybe when she made the “Yellow Cake” deal, she thought it was Betty Crocker mix being shipped en masse to the starving Russian rabble. Lady Bountifuls like Evita, Michelle-Antoinette and Hillary are “champions of Every Day People” and are prone to do nice things like that. Except when they don’t and merely get rich and powerful pretending they’re the Keepers of the Kingdom…and generous dispensers of the Royal Treasury.

6 Responses to Hillary’s Yellow Cake

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  6. […] The Left, its entire dream of Socialist Paradise a perennially propped-up ‘n dressed corpse, will hear none of it. On the contrary, Progressives thrive only on false narrative. Think Dan Rather or, particularly, Hillary Clinton. A mendacious media sees in such figures both good copy and kindred spirits in the business of making up swill that the masses eagerly crave.  How else does a serial dissembler and liar like Hillary miraculously survive? In a rational world, this transparently greedy, corrupt creature would be instantly, summarily relegated to history’s dustbin as she deserves, not still (God help us!) running for POTUS. […]

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