Another symptom of a drifting society cut loose from the moorings of bedrock rules and moral tenets: a society in which there is no shame, nay where crime and anti-social behavior & total disregard for the truth is rewarded. Barack & Hillary’s  Benghazi unanswered 3 am call, Bully Biden’s contemptuous debate display, man-made Global Warming: an administration, a leader, a party for whom lies and incivility are a matter of course, even a deliberate strategy…”What difference…does it make?!”

The “most transparent administration in history” as he and his Secretary of State cover up everything they are, were and will be.

UPDATE 8/21/15: Sporting chic Prison Orange, Funny Girl Hillary has a “dust-up” with the press over her server “wipe cloth.”

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“What Difference…Does It Make?!!””

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