maxresdefault-1-11One of the sad, maddening facts of politics in free societies is the suicidal hold the Left has on so many Jews both here and in Israel. Despite living the American Dream on as grand a scale as any ethnic group, an overwhelming percentage of (overwhelmingly successful) American Jews feel permanently compelled to trumpet their Virtuous Alliance with the Blame America First Party of (selective) compassion and generosity(with other people’s money). As if the Democratic platform  of undermining Israel  and deliberately condemning the poor and downtrodden to permanent dependence is virtuous, compassionate or remotely generous. This luxury of noblesse oblige towards the “less fortunate” enjoyed by American Jews is not as overwhelmingly shared by our Israeli counterparts. For the average Israeli, daily life is about the harshest sort of reality and survival, not a warm bath fantasy romance with the underdog.

One particularly nasty essential of the Left’s American “transformation” is its war on her Judaeo-Christian core. Citing   “separation of Church and state,” the secularists have managed to foist upon us a separation of church and culture, church and society, church and individual.  Why else are “nice” people now compelled in late December to attend “Winter Parties” or to say “Happy Holidays?” All of this is just one more aspect of Political Correctness tyrannizing the most casual corners of our lives: at work, in social situations, certainly in our political and religious discussions (in those rarer & rarer instances when honest left/right debate isn’t frozen out).

So, as one more happy afterglow of America’s recent political turnabout, let us break one more chain that has bound us. Along with Dennis Prager, a Jew like Irving Berlin and like all Jews who love America unequivocally and think of Christmas as a national holiday (if not necessarily a personally holy day), we wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!

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