If there’s anyone like this writer searching for a focus, a reason, a goal beyond  getting rid of the Clinton/Obama plague oozing through the American political system, an answer may be found in the origins of the Conservative outlook for many of us: Ayn Rand. Atlas Shrugged. John Galt. Individualism. Freedom. One’s own effort and creativity rewarded, a moral affirmation in itself.  Being the best one can be in whatever form it might take. Guilt-free, full ownership of one’s life. The repudiation of any tyrannical force, movement or individual that threatens any of that.

Someone has just coined it the Galt-Right. And Trump is the only candidate available to us who potentially embodies this heroic view of life, clearing the way for us, NOT promising to deliver it to us. O what chains are attached to such promises!

What is this all about if not the ability for us to thrive, to pursue our lives without interference? That goes especially for the hopeless person in the Inner City, anyone struggling to make ends meet, the dispirited looking for a way out. It’s time to give up the lies and false promises of the criminal Marxist Mafia that Hillary represents. Disregard the folly of the NeverTrumpers. We DO have a choice.


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