The face of America, 2016?
The face of America, 2016?

Hillary or Donald.

The choice is particularly dismal because the arguments are so persuasively negative on both sides. Both are who they have always been: she, the classic, ruthless power/money-mad politico on the make and take within the halls of political power; he the classic, ruthless power/money-mad businessman on the make and take in the marketplace. Neither is immune to the temptations of Wall Street and Washington bedding down one another.

Hillary will always lie and pander to the pitiable have-nots at the expense of the reviled haves (with the exception of her and her insanely rich cronies who will just get richer and more powerful in a Clinton continuation of Obama World).

At the moment, Donald has positioned himself in a predominantly Conservative light. Can one believe this incarnation when he shifts positions so easily, as easily as Hillary lies?

It’s #NeverHillary here, so this hand will unquestionably pull the lever for Donald, albeit with breath held.

We find ourselves in an uncomfortable place. So, what to do? Rather than despair even as Americans face this Hobson’s choice, seek out eternal verities and bedrock amidst the smoke and mirrors. Just as the wise counsel those in the midst of panic attacks: wash the floor, do the dishes, make the beds, throw out the clutter. Turning to the most basic, mundane fundamentals restores our own power to control our own lives, at least until the next panic attack. Then, repeat. The world and its boundless folly started a long time ago, and we’re all still here to contemplate the madness.

Back to the basics: read the Bible (Old and New Testaments), study the American Constitution and amazingly, things somehow “never are as bad as they seem.”

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