Americans are only human and just too damn adaptable. That’s what happens when personality takes precedence over principle.  Is this election cycle shaping up into a battle between two top-tier dissemblers? Donald? Hillary? Oh, what has happened, America?

One feels the terrifying vertigo of shifting, crumbling earth beneath the feet. The only terra firma is that which has seen us through the entire rollicking American saga. And that bedrock is truth transcending time, not the passing mood of an age.

Our dedication to the Old Rugged Constitution-life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness-not the whims of humanity and its follies, is one guidepost. (Thank you, Mr. Scalia). The very notion of a God Who oversees and judges us all equally vs. faith in the latest self-proclaimed Messiah is another.

Witness virtually every political discussion over the dining room table or around the water cooler, and it’s about defending This One against That One. It’s a dangerous approach albeit necessary because we are a representative system and cast our vote for the one who we think will best represent us. In these quarters, it’s Cruz because he is rooted in the immutable principles that can return us to sanity. That scrappy, stubborn adherence to Principle explains why it’s become the latest meme that “everyone hates him.”

Some of us think rough bedrock beats smooth BS, particularly when making our political choices. We have seen the consequences of the latter since 2008. In reaction to that, are we once again rejecting our fundamental institutions and principles in favor of yet another ruling class operative?

Let us hope that decent Americans’ rational self-interest coming up against the very real, cold iron hand of collectivist Big Gov breaks the spell. Taking flight from free markets, individualism, self-defense, private property, national sovereignty and the Constitution that underpins it all is suicide. No, Virginia. There is no free lunch.