Two welcome tough guys.

Is Hungary and its popular populist leader Viktor Orban a bellwether of the basic positive forces of freedom at work throughout the West? In Orban Trump sees a kindred spirit, and vice versa. An encouraging sign.

Early on, Orban’s rise, like Trump’s, has been prematurely viewed as a sinister right-wing populism, even by short-sighted western Conservatives. As it’s playing out, freedom-lovers should take heart that Orban’s deserved success, like that of Trump, is based on

a) freeing the market-low taxes & relaxed regulation on business with resultant high employment;

b) enforcing immigration laws, being the un-Merkel, thwarting the sinister Soros scheme to ruin the West with Open Society/Open Borders immigrant invasion;

c) providing strong leadership and a sense of national identity, security and sovereignty undermined in the unlamented Age of Obamaic Globalism.

Naturally, Orban like Trump is a permanent target for destruction by Soros apologists, the master planners and their lapdog media wherever they happen to haunt our planet.  In the words of Poland’s governing party leader, the Hungarian election is  “about the road to freedom, not only in Hungary but also in Europe and the world.” Admittedly, paving the way to freedom is anathema to the usual Leftist cabal and its loyal sheep longing to be controlled, managed, subsidized and owned by Big Brother.

As welcome as cancer.

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