In case anyone is interested, Al Gore’s most lucrative long green windfall ($100 million) for his Global Warming scam has been the sale of his Current media network to Islamic media conglomerate Al-Jazeera, owned by immensely wealthy Qatar (located on the Persian Gulf adjacent to Saudi Arabia). Qatar’s money is almost exclusively derived from its natural oil resources. Last I was told, Big Oil is the Great Satan of the Green Movement, the cause closest to Al’s heart and ever-growing financial portfolio. Qatar is also one of the chief funders and training ground for the sort of people who blow away hundreds of young Parisians on specially chosen Friday nights. How annoying for Al that a planned Climate Change extravaganza that very same Friday night at the Eiffel tower has been upstaged by some high-spirited young Islamic upstarts toting major heat and sporting chic suicide vests.

Naturally, the MSM has (allegedly) expressed its serious intention to question Gore (and other Islamic-friendly businessmen) about his profitable dealings with a destroyer of (in order of importance) innocent polar bears (allegedly) and  carbon-spewing Westerners (actually) eating in restaurants, attending sporting events and rock concerts. Granted, the media are (actually) busy determining whether Dr. Ben Carson really, truly tried to stab someone in his youth. Perhaps they’ll get to Al Gore and other like-minded blood profiteers after more pressing issues are brought to light.

Courtesy of Qatar, leading sponsor and training ground for Islamic terror.
Courtesy of Qatar, leading sponsor and training ground for Islamic terror.

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Al Gore’s Blood Money”

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