All For Show: before thinking of giving to the Red Cross
to help Haitians or anyone else….

June 6, 2015

cover[1]think again. Once a sacrosanct charity brand name, the Red Cross is now just another tarnished, scandal-ridden rip-off operation . Likewise, the Clinton brand name has never been untarnished, so using Haiti to rake in money is just business as usual for them. There was a time when merely a whiff of this sort of malfeasance spelled the end of political ambitions. For Hillary, it’s a launching pad! Are you sure you want Mme. Secretary re-distributing your wealth? Seems even impoverished Haitians don’t see a penny of what you gave through her.

Similarly, where did the $100 million that Facebook’s Zuckerberg very showily gave to Newark go?  Remember the hoopla and tears on Oprah?!  It went…somewhere, anywhere except into improving the lives of Newark public school kids. No one & nothing is better off for it except for charming grandstanders on the way up like Cory Booker, insatiably greedy teachers unions and (saving the most deserving for last), the Leftwing Fat Cats like Zuckerberg, Soros, Buffett, who just do it all for image. Their numbers are legion.

Everybody's making out like bandits except for Newark school kids.

School kids don’t see a penny, but if FEEEELS (and looks) so good!

5 Responses to All For Show: before thinking of giving to the Red Cross
to help Haitians or anyone else….

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