The purpose of blogging in these quarters is to express the truth and then express it again…and again…and again…This is one person’s attempt to dispel the poisonous clouds and gloom of an Obama Age of Despair that is slowly engulfing us. All about us our friends, relatives & neighbors embrace the lies of the Socialist/Statist Utopia promised them by the Baracks & Nancys & Harrys; and  all one can do is speak up and out, find kindred spirits and hope that the truth and genuine solutions prevail.

Here’s one example of that, responding to reading recommendations from another engaged, like-minded soul:

Dear Friend,

I’ll order & read the John Brown books. I suspect they will provide yet another historical example of a righteous, worthy cause[abolition] used by the usual suspects to manipulate people to unworthy ends completely apart from the worthy cause itself.

Currently, in the name of “Saving The Planet!” or “Universal Healthcare!!” or “Gay Rights!” or whatever is the urgent crisis-of-the-week, otherwise rational people are madly pulling America down the road to total, asphyxiating Statism.

The annoying thing about the present day is that  these “crises” aren’t crises at all. Whatever the truth and consequences of “Global Warming!” should be handled like any natural disaster-floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.-assisting people to get back to normal without using it as an excuse to permanently take over their lives politically/socially/economically. Whatever problems there are in the medical and its attendant insurance fields are solvable by allowing human ingenuity to flourish in a competitive free market. Gay (or fill-in-the-latest-victim) Rights are already covered under the individual personal & property rights of the Constitution and just need enforcing as violations come up. Of course, that’s not good enough for the present-day crowd, cynically insisting on the redefinition of the most fundamental concepts and words to confuse and destabilize the masses.

Always the same old story.  Always the masses vs. the individual and the power mongers who’d exploit fear & ignorance to their own ends. We live in interesting times.

Stay well and stay informed.

Best wishes,

Fred (NJDittos)


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