Defense, minutemen

The anarchy of the present, aided and abetted by our prosperous friends, family and neighbors of Woke Prog Post-Modernist Robotry, is not easily solvable when people’s way of dealing with harsh reality is cemented into “fixing” human imperfection. The philosophical choice, the general attitude of living one’s own life while letting others go freely about their lives (and staying out of each other’s way) is not on their radar. That much-vilified concept of private property, ownership as the difference between being free men and enslaved serfs, is lost on them. They love their own private property and licentious autonomy so long as it also includes the right to control yours too.

...or THIS.
…or THIS? 

For too many, the anxiety of freedom is intolerable, and the Master Planners live only to feed off this fatal flaw in the human psyche. One cardinal trait of this fatal flaw is the inability to distinguish between friends and enemies. How long can those guilt-ridden White Privileged fools extol the praises of the Black Lives Matter thugs who would eat them for breakfast tomorrow? Perhaps a BLM invasion of Beverly Hills has “awakened” a few of those “I take responsibility” phonies.

Mass suicide seems to be the unconscious driving force in the minds of our Liberal/Left friends. If they’re going down, everyone and everything must go down with them. The entire world must pay for the sins of the few in their rigid, airless worldview. They can only move as a lifeless monolith, not as individuals. Hatred and bitterness of these desiccated souls demand revenge on healthy life that has eluded them. Nothing tortures them so much as free-flowing movement in others. Ergo unattainable mass produced EQUALITY, a myth, a lie, never FREEDOM with its risks…and boundless rewards, most notably the miracle that has always been America.

Understanding our foolish friends, family and neighbors  who enable this ugly state of affairs is cold comfort as they passionately [they love to characterize themselves as “passionate” in the absence of being rational] ride herd over everything of value to our lives. They are not to be reasoned with, only contained and in these instances where they gain power to destroy everything, resisted. As ideas and fundamental laws mean nothing to them, force appears to be the only remedy. They’re counting on it from Trump and his supporters. “See?! There it is!! You fascists!”

Can it be that force and literal bloodshed are not the only option? Would a full force-feeding of their own medicine be enough to make this mass insanity collapse from within? Minnesota politicians all for defunding the police now awkwardly find themselves hiring private security details. Sympathetic citizens abuzz over this new Woke Paradise/Summer of Love now suddenly re-discover the benefits of private property and protecting themselves when homeless encampments suddenly take over their neighborhoods.

Would it be deemed too optimistic to hope that Trump is wisely playing the Long Game, staying calmly uninvolved in the One Huge Mess created by a half century of Democrat Party rule, allowing things to implode quickly for all to witness and experience? Rather than abrupt intervention by the National Guard or whatever force can be mustered from the Fed to bring all the destruction and anarchy to a halt, POTUS appears to have soberly exercised that most American of political principles: separation of powers, federalism, states rights.

Could it be (this scribe cheerfully inquires) that Wild Man Orange is granting those chaos creators, Democrat Governors and Mayors, full ownership of their crises to the breaking point where a re-awakened (not Woke) public begs for rational order to be restored?

This “happy ending” is only possible if he gets past the inevitable mail-in voting fraud afoot and remains squarely, officially, undeniably in office as of November 4 to mop up the carnage, and allow people to get back to their American lives.  We pray for something akin to the Thermidor cooling down after the madness of the French Revolution.   It’s going to be a long couple of months until November 3.

Let it stay up, for posterity to view firsthand one of the great follies of our age.
Like remnants of the Berlin Wall: let it stay up, for posterity to view firsthand one of the great follies of our age.

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  1. Fred….one of your most brilliant, right-on-target pieces! Yes, with Pres.Trump at the helm, November 4, 2020, can not come quickly enough!



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