UPDATE 9/26/20: Listen to Charlie Kirk for 5 minutes for a clear explanation of why we are cheering on Donald Trump. 


UPDATE 5/6/19: Two for the price of one view: Candace Owens interviews Charlie Kirk on her Prager U show.

Faced with the shameless Dem attempts to undo Election, 2016 and continue the Obamanation of America, the best we have to work with is the truth espoused by capable, unintimidated communicators, real Conservative young leaders. Among the young and fiery  leading the way in Conservative leadership is Charlie Kirk whose Turning Point USA brings a refreshing  roar of real America blowing away the deadly air pollution of Obama/Clinton/Alinsky politics.

The Hoax Folks are meeting their daily match in such vital personalities as Kirk and Candace Owens, and it’s heartening to see the young responding to admirable example and plain reality.


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