Dearborn, Michigan:
nothing to worry about
or America’s first Sharia No-Go Zone?

January 21, 2016

A warning to America from Britain and much of the rest of Europe, now perhaps beyond salvaging.

Dearborn, Michigan: model city of Arab-American assimilation where “good Muslims” deplore ISIS extremism...or America’s first Islamic No-Go zone? With Minnesota’s Twin Cities close behind?

Sharia in America!!!?? All-knowing, smug Liberal media express outrage at even hints of such an outlandish assertion, shrugging it all off as false reporting or satire. Or maybe it’s just a few stray loons.

Reality says otherwise.

Evidence of peaceful Christian demonstrators being assaulted by a frenzied mob of Dearborn Arab Festival muslims as intimidated local police refuse to protect them. Are we looking at aimless, malleable young people just being kids following the mob…or are they the deliberately created, hardened implementers of Sharia and jihad in America?

Is it good old assimilation...or is it...

Is it good old assimilation…or is it…


2 Responses to Dearborn, Michigan:
nothing to worry about
or America’s first Sharia No-Go Zone?

  1. […] Abdul el-Sayed, and he’s running for governor of Michigan, a logical locale considering the beachhead non-assimilating Islam has established there. All this is doubtless strategized as a springboard to national office since he’s being sold […]

  2. […] refuses to assimilate and determinedly takes over sections of whole towns and sections of cities (NO-GO zones) as it has done in Europe. All with the blessing of the Left, its loyal ally united in Trump […]

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