Times have changed.
Times have changed.

UPDATE 1/9/19: Now it’s official: the APA (American Psychological Association) has deemed normal, healthy masculinity, specifically competitiveness, a disorder. Just coincidentally, that jives with the Marxist/Collectivist dream of controlled, passive masses never suffering a moment of difficulty thanks to Big Brother State. Always listen to “the experts.” Always.

UPDATE 12/21/18: Speaking of masculinity, decisiveness, steadfastness: questions around Trump’s leadership on foreign affairs (Syria, Defense Secretary Mattis’ resignation)  rankles his base. Right?  Wrong?  One can only wait and hope and continue to believe this is a steadfast personality not keen on losing and looking bad. A timely article on staying the course this week may not calm the nerves but nevertheless reminds us that we do have a strong, stubborn, decisive fighter for a leader. Would we prefer otherwise? Recall the doubts over Churchill. Would we prefer the Bushes or Romney? Obama? Hillary?

If there’s any question about today’s Dems being the Party of Mass Emasculation, one needn’t look further than Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments about enforcement of long-accepted, rational immigration laws as a “manhood thing” for Donald Trump. The presence of an unintimidated man has driven Big Mommy Pelosi & the whole nasty brood hiding in her petticoats to the desperate point where real Dem intentions and attitudes are made fully transparent. Is it any wonder Pelosi & Schumer would’ve preferred a closed-door meeting to the presence of cameras? That wascally Donald!!!

“[President Trump] must have said the word ‘wall’ 30 times…I was trying to be the mom…It goes to show you: You get into a tinkle contest with a skunk, you get tinkle all over you…It’s like a manhood thing with him — as if manhood can be associated with him….This wall thing.”

We welcome Nancy’s uncensored  bitchy ravings because they bring full focus on the entire assault Democratic policy and practice are inflicting on anything or anyone, male or female obstructing the Left’s relentless need to disarm and control the American people. Hate most definitely has a home here: “toxic masculinity,”  gun controlgender confusion, the ongoing destruction of the nuclear family as expertly demonstrated by 50 years of  fatherless Black families of the Inner Cities. What better example exists of the wages of public dependency than the Black/White/Brown male emasculated by the Progressive “altruism” of cradle-to-grave welfare?  Herein is the model for the whole society Pelosi & Co. envision for us, with her and her despicable ilk playing “Mom.” Orwell called her “Big Brother.”

No limits to their destruction: vilifying the spontaneity of flirtation and sexual attraction, the mating ritual as illuminated in the classic brilliance of American Popular Song. Nothing is sacred for these people. Herein, comically revising Frank Loesser’s suddenly sinister ode to date rape, the New Evolved Progressive Man.

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