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Hey, CNN, MSM. Grow a sense of humor. And while you’re at it, stop with the fakey stuff.

A certain personal favorite quote, summing up Donald Trump’s appeal, has several things going for it. First, it heralds a startling new day in American politics of facing stern reality and putting Progressive political correctness to flight.  At the same time, it is the essence of Trumpism and precisely what drives the pompous, self-inflated phonies of The Resistance (and the equally pompous Never Trumpers) crazy, a “gloriously unhinged” approach as herein described:

“A Trump presidency was not how most conservatives imagined we would escape the soft-totalitarianism of our PC jail. I imagined the liberation movement as an eagle soaring over prison walls. Trump’s populist insurrection, as it happens, is a dump truck that has smashed our prison gate off its hinges.”

That was the election, the revenge of Les Deplorables. And now, the gloriously unhinged comedy of Trucker Trump’s WWE takedown video threatens to deliver a most welcome knock-out punch to CNN and all the media corruption it represents. The frantic pearl clutching, dresses over their heads, the blood-curdling screams emanating from the most self-righteous PC places falls on our ears and eyes like lovely summer rain. Can it be? The Holy World of the Hallowed Resistance media  is, bit by bit, meeting its unlamented end, not with a bang but as slow death by 1000 tweets.

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Slow death by 1000 tweets.
Fake News, R.I.P.”

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