UPDATE 6/21/21: A German company draws the line with its Woke (anti-Semitic) employees objecting to its visible pro-Jewish stance. Don’t like the Israeli flag flying in front of your place of employment? Go find another job. Bravo!!

ORIGINAL POST 10/13/16: When will the peaceniks of the world realize they’re dealing with people who live to kill? The Jews, in tender memory, have always been¬†the darlings of the Left when they’re victims, helplessly being shoved into gas showers and cremated in ovens. But defend themselves NOW¬†against Hitler’s homicidal heirs? Warmongers!


Behind it all: the “romance” of collectivism among the nattering, educated classes, the destruction of America as a republic, Obama’s stated intent to transform America into a One-Party Socialist State ruled over by Hillary’s band of lawless looters.

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War Is Peace, Ignorance Is Strength”

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