Watch Elia Kazan’s 1957 film “A Face in the Crowd” for a classic portrait of the so-called “Populist” who says all the right things on his way up but shows his true, radically different colors when  handed power. Most telling is the contempt such an erstwhile vox populi often has for the populus. You’re stupid enough to fall for my line?! You morons!

Some argue that Donald is a great bet because his outsized ego would not allow him to hold the bag for the inevitable failures of Big Gov Socialism. Besides, Leftism runs totally counter to this Uber-Capitalist (except when this Uber-Capitalist and lifelong Dem crony has done a deal or two with politicians giving him special advantage in the marketplace).

True, it’s refreshing to have someone who projects such confidence and only grows in stature as he handily sticks it to whatever PC is thrown in his face. That’s great when the side he’s on appears to be your side too. The problem is that Donald is really only on Donald’s side.

8 Replies to “The Donald: Saying all the right things on the way up.
What’s he going to do when he’s reached the top?”

  1. But unfortunately we already know that what shrillary or sanders want is poison for the country. If Trump is the alternative, we’ll take our chances, and pray for the best.The fact that the GOPe is against him is another point in his favor.

    1. Yes, I’ll take the gamble & vote for him if it’s what we’re handed to head off Hillary or Bernie…or Crazy Uncle Joe (if/when Hillary gets the permanent boot back to wherever she claims to come from.)

  2. Exactly! You look at all the Republican candidates lined up there and any one of them would be infinitely better than what we’ve had or what we would have from the other side.

    My biggest gripe right now is quite a while back the Republican chairman Priebus was very emphatic about limiting the number of debates this time around, recognizing the obvious that after a while all they did was emphasize the division between and among the candidates and air all their negatives to the nation, aggravated further by a hostile media with their hostile questions!

    Apparently someone or some entity (the “GOPe” Joan refers to above?) got to Priebus and he did a complete 180, and now we are again deluged with those silly debates. Meantime over on the other side Bernie and Hillary get mostly fluffy softballs tossed their way. Disgusting!

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