There is no more fundamental right than that of private property ownership. Take that away and we’re just serfs to be trampled upon by those with the money and political/legal power to take what and when they please for however much from whomever they please. Ask Vera Coking, the old lady whose house stood where Donald Trump wanted to park limos for his Atlantic City casino back in the Nineties. Behold the eminently ugly. cruel face of crony capitalism.


The Donald, like so many  before him, wears the mask of conservatism-individual rights (including property), limited government, limited taxes, strong defense of American sovereignty within & without our borders-while practicing the tyrannical tactics of garden-variety greed. Since the infamous Kelo ruling expanding government power to seize private property, abuses abound: here and here and, doubtless, in your own township. For help, start here.


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