A beauty more than skin deep.
No dumb blonde she. A beauty more than skin deep.

One of the truly enduring sex symbols of modern times, Brigitte Bardot has surprisingly proven herself a forthright fighter for human and animal rights. Free countries being what they are, anyone can sue for anything, even for those (like Bardot) guilty of Free Speech; and she has been on trial five times for warning of the Islamic scourge in France. In her case, her Muslim fanatic detractors have been backed up by a craven Establishment, eager to pander to those who would kill them in a trice. A pitiful commentary on the fascism of politically correct, Leftwing Establishments everywhere.

One would think after Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan Theatre, the Jewish bakery attack, no-go zones in the City of Lights and now Nice that Bardot would be hailed as a heroic Cassandra, alerting the deaf, dumb and blind around her to the very real peril of Islam in our midst. Instead, like a raped woman apologizing and blaming herself, PC France (and its American counterparts) continues to excuse, encourage and enable their most lethal enemies.

As late as 2008, estimable Time magazine reports with a  straight face about Bardot “ultimately running afoul of anti-racism laws by generally associating Islam with the 9/11 terror attacks (!), and denouncing the ‘Islamization of France’ by people she described as ‘invaders'”.  An Islamic association to 9/11. Imagine that.

Aren’t 84 smashed bodies against the glamorous backdrop of the French Riviera enough? The new reports of the grisly torture that took place in the Bataclan Theatre? Perhaps a rising up, Brexit-like revolt from the French People is nigh.

Mes bons amis, my fellow Americans: what’s it going to take?

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