UPDATE 7/28/20: It’s happening here as clearly foreseen by Bezmenov. Noteworthy that the original YouTube link below from 2011 is now invalid and deemed “hate speech.” Fortunately, other full length videos of Bezmenov’s interviews have somehow eluded the censors.


ORIGINAL POST 10/17/11: Sober, sobering words of warning from former KGB operative Yuri Bezmenov. The 82 minute video is from 1984 (how fitting!), but he could be speaking this morning. Intensely fascinating, totally believable, deeply disturbing. The term “Useful Idiot” runs tellingly through every other sentence. Posted in Fall, 2011 as mobs of mindless Occu-Pods act out the whole subversive scenario, cheered on by our Socialist President and his comrades in the MSM and Congress.

UPDATE 7/28/20: Now removed, deemed “hate speech.”  

Artiss YouTube Embed: The YouTube ID of y3qkf3bajd4 is invalid.

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