Potential GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, the former chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza, speaks at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition event in March 2011 in Waukee, Iowa. Cain was said to be the surprise winner of the first GOP debate.

The politely persistent Mr. Cain refuses to be slicked by Der Schlickmeister in 1994.

At last, a real Conservative, a new face, a proven track record, rock-solid principles, the ambition to win. Will Herman Cain’s merciless attack on Obama’s Socialist plans for America make him a “tea-bagging racist” too? Let’s hope so. We’re all “tea-bagging racists” now.

Herman Cain’s 5-step Economy Boosting Plan at International Business Times followed by commentary by Cato Institute’s Daniel Mitchell.

More plain talk at the highest levels of our national political debate from a principled, grounded businessman. A businessman? Not a politician? Why not? We The People have abdicated our position for too long. This is a Frank Capra movie, only it’s not make believe, and the happy ending isn’t guaranteed. Alicia Colon salutes Cain’s autobiography “They Think You’re Stupid” at IrishExaminerUSA.com.

Cain plainly explains his plan for revising the entire American system of taxation.

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Some say such sweeping tax reform is impossible.. Some have also said that a black man without political or business experience couldn’t be President. Herman Cain at least has proven success in business and in beating overwhelming health problems. Another recent black Presidential hopeful had no proven qualifications or substantive achievements  in anything except Chicago machine “community organization” and getting a mysterious number of prominent people to package him for mass consumption. And he got elected. Other than acquiring power, that individual to date still has no substantive success to add to his C.V., only failure on the grandest scale. If Americans are intent on electing a black man to the highest office, perhaps a real man, not a fabrication, is in line this time.

Psychologist and recovering Leftist Robin of Berkeley hypothesizes a fascinating scenario for the upcoming election regarding one Beta black man and one Alpha black man. And only days later, a rather startling poll from Rasmussen regarding just such a match-up.

Herman Cain and Barack Obama

One man sings too. Traditional American music. The other one is still awaiting his cue from the teleprompter.


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