The American Spirit

UPDATE 11/4/20: It is morning, and this is America. Obviously, we of the Conservative persuasion would prefer a more celebratory feeling in place of the great uncertainty that faces us this Day After. The “peaceful transfer of power” apparently will not be peaceful but predictably bumpy as the Dem Left almost certainly has its not-so-secret wish of dragging things through the courts. For those conniving fans of litigation, there’s always that 50/50 chance even the guiltiest party can have its way.

So we shall see. Meanwhile, real Americans will go to work and freely carry on their individual lives without interference…which is the whole point. Others are only comfortable under the watchful, paternalistic eye of that protection racket known as Big Government and demand the same of everyone else. Our task ahead is to continue our free lives while fending off those controls imposed upon us by our fellow citizens. That’s been the American story since its founding, and it hasn’t always been a cakewalk.

Fortunately for us, our chief chosen representative in Washington feels the same and will fight with all his considerable clout and spirit to win this latest battle for American liberty…for himself and for us. God willing.

Morning in America.
Morning in America.

UPDATE 11/3/20: Choosing and praying for the America we recognize and love. MAGA!


UPDATE 11/1/20: In case anyone thinks the whole CoronaCrazed lockdown and continuing scare tactics of “New Cases” and “The Second Wave”   isn’t all about politics (and money), note what Clarice Feldman’s doctor told her:“A few weeks ago, I had minor eye surgery and had to go through a COVID test, a temperature reading, hand sanitizing, and masking for a  ten-minute procedure. Disgusted with all these theatrics, I asked the doctor how long he thought we’d have to endure this nonsense. He responded ‘November 4th.’ Be of good cheer.”

It’s all about politics and has been all along. And starting November 4 if, God willing, Trump is re-elected, the Dems will have to start searching out a new crisis to exploit.

Crisis ever_Let_A_Good_Crisis_Go_To_WasteMiCHELLE-ANTOINETTE.COM

UPDATE 11/3/20: Joe Biden is Chauncey Gardner, the pitifully empty human vessel filled with a few thin sound-byte platitudes, pushed forth with a straight face as potential Leader Of The Free World. Apparently, half the electorate is so frighteningly brain-dead as to ally with such banal mediocrity against the hated Trump and the expansive, free, growing, hopeful, optimistic, vital America he champions. God save us on the eve of this strangest, most pivotal of all elections.

chauncey gardner-joe biden

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