Yet another "ism" from the Left.
Yet another “ism” from the Left.

A Liberal friend once responded to this writer’s citing historical evidence of her chosen (Leftist) faith’s failure by saying, “Don’t give me that ‘History tells us’ crap.” In short: “Please, no facts. No real, concrete consequences of bad ideas. Let me make it all up to fit my world view.” Or, to quote the grounded, sincerely principled Joe Biden: “We choose truth over facts.”

Lately, that tack has gone mainstream with the latest business of banishing “Republican Talking Points” from the Dem debates. Actually, it’s the newest Democratic Party Talking Point: anything rational and provably true our opponents have to say must be discounted.

If there are enough rational voters Out There who would like policies that champion freedom, improve economic conditions and keep Americans striving AND thriving, thisĀ  blatant rejection of reality should provide us with four more welcome years of MAGA.



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