After the 2012 re-election of the most poisonous political quantity ever forced down America’s throat, I confess to invoking Michelle-Antoinette’s odious assertion, but turned on its head: “For the first time in my adult life, I’m ashamed of my country.”

Up to the present era, I’ve always had faith that most American individuals really do believe in a free marketplace where they can make their own individual choices and be responsible for those choices. Multiply that individual privilege by a couple hundred million, and you have the keystone of a free America. With the jaw-dropping Obama re-election, Americans seem to be “fundamentally transformed” into whiners, the permanently disgruntled, the impotent, the envious, the petty, sheep longing to be herded at the whim of their gangster leaders. It’s that old, predictable Socialist Suicide Of The Masses, being played out here in the United States, and the rest of us are all supposed to be happy going along for the inevitable ride over the cliff.

But the truth wins again. The good signs are all still there, and here’s just one of them to remind us.  And here’s another. I refuse to be ashamed of a country that has given us and the entire world something so rare, so precious.

State Fair, Texas
State Fair, Texas

Let’s face it: the human condition is always one of daily challenge, a small price to pay for something as gloriously BIG as America. God is still blessing America. This blog, this article, this miracle of mass Internet connection, our daily lives overflowing with blessings: all are proof positive. and need updating, repair, sprucing up, but I’m back to writing and celebrating America, nervous though I may be. Why not have a wonderful time exposing her detractors and would-be assassins? It’s way past time for Obama and his sheep to feel a little desperate.

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