Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Poster - In the Shadows

Ayn Rand’s peerless prophecy of a future that has now arrived with a vengeance, on screen at last. What do the people of talent and initiative do when the fruits of their labors are confiscated by politicians and do-gooders intent on destroying all freedom in the name of “equality?” The film’s most obvious nod to current events and players? The Obama-cadenced voiceover of a Presidential edict and the Barney Frank look-alike cast as the odious Wesley Mouch. Most thrilling, poetic moment? Hank’s & Dagny’s ride on the maiden run of the John Galt Line, human genius both conquering nature and in complete harmony with it. The movie is only Part I (of 3 planned) and ends with the disappearance of oilman Ellis Wyatt. Where have they all gone? Who is John Galt?

The book’s millions of fans know, and apparently millions more are finding out: the novel, first published in 1957, is #1 at Amazon as of this review[April 19, 2011]. A work of genius beautifully adapted to the medium it was destined to inhabit.

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