Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!

Love/like/dislike/hate him, Andrew Breitbart is a player worth observing and hearing. His new book is out, and his upcoming libel battle with Shirley Sherrod in court promises to be an expose Shirley & her fellow public troughfeeders will not enjoy.

Breitbart’s Web Network of BIG sites: Breitbart.com, BigGovernment.com, Breitbart.tv, BigHollywood.com, BigJournalism.com, BigPeace.com. Other sites forthcoming along with more distinctively Breitbartian bruises, cuts and abrasions to the Hallowed Left’s pure milky white, unblemished thin skin.

Read Joseph Lindsey’s review of “Righteous Indignation” at Breitbart’s own BigHollywood.com. Read another review by Derek Hunter at DailyCaller.

Read Breitbart interview by Shushannah Walshe at DailyBeast.

Read Breitbart interview by John Hawkins at RightWingNews.

See Breitbart strip poorly raised TrumkaObama thugs naked in Wisconsin at Breitbart.tv.

See Breitbart interviewed by Hannity at BigHollywood.com.

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