Race, Fantasy, and the New Yorker’s Editor

A New Yorker article by editor David Remnick gives away the game in the headline, “Trump, Birtherism, And Race-Baiting.”

According to Remnick, the “irrepressible jackass” Trump has inspired idiot America to believe a series of fantasies about Barack Obama: “There is the birther fantasy; the fantasy that Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams from My Father”; the fantasy that the President has some other father, and not Barack Obama, Sr.; the fantasy that Obama got into Harvard Law School with the help of a Saudi prince and the

“Atlas Shrugged”-The Movie

Atlas Shrugged is a novel that has generated inspiration and controversy since its publication in 1957.Its theme is the role of individual achievement in society and its goal is to demonstrate what can happen when individual achievement is undervalued, suppressed and demonized. Complex characters embody heroism and evil, in a plot that combines drama, mystery, romance, and science fiction – the result is ultimately inspirational, not apocalyptic.

Andrew Breitbart

“Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!” (out today) is not the book I thought it would be. I was expecting a storied narrative simply about a man who stumbles into a career as a political muckraker. What I got was a lesson on the historical framework of how the evils of communism came to the shores of Southern California and now disguises itself as democracy, entertainment, network news and community organizing.

The Path To Prosperity-Paul Ryan’s Proposal

Article I of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to appropriate funds from the Treasury, pay the
obligations of and raise revenue for the federal government, and publish statements and accounts of all financial
By law, Congress is also obligated to write a budget representing its plan to carry out these transactions in the
forthcoming fiscal years. While the President is required to propose his administration’s budget requests for
Congress’s consideration, Congress alone is responsible for writing the laws that raise revenues, appropriate
funds, and prioritize taxpayer dollars within an overall federal budget.