America the beautiful

Despite the newly empowered Socialist Democrats of America already using “1984” and China’s Cultural Revolution as THEIR blueprint for our rosy future, one must rely on what we have been and where realistically we can and must go. The other option is complete resignation and despair, so take whatever lifesaver is thrown out there and start paddling toward shore, however distant.

As individuals and as Americans we each bear the responsibility to fight back fear and ambivalence within ourselves and admit that bad tidings are not abstractions in a history book. Growing up in the prosperity and astounding expansiveness of post-WWII America, we have been brought up short by this fearsome new reality that suddenly looms.  But one does get fortifying perspective thinking of the Great Depression, or WWII or the Civil War or all the way back to Washington at Valley Forge. And therein lies hope.

Yes, millions are needlessly suffering at the hands of those we have feared would gain power. And without doubt, many more of us will be facing some sleepless nights (or worse) before the power shifts back to hundreds of millions of individuals, away from a relative handful of arrogant Master Planners.

BUT, despite knowing how prone we humans are to messing things up, the American success story shines through as even more of a miracle; and recognizing that miracle as OUR blueprint remains the key to our future as reliably as it has been to our past. Even when all is lost, millions still retain free will and the will to live freely. And the good news for those fortunate, conscious (70? 80? 90?) millions of us: all is NOT lost.  Think family, friends, home, property, groceries, cars, computers, information, communication. Think America. She still lives and breathes and sings.

Freedom is never just a nice memory. It is our present and future reality. Continue to live freely, whatever form that takes. Gather up your talent, your health, your resources, and go slay your dragons. Amazing what miracles free people create. Ask any real American.

Fred's America

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  1. Continue to live freely, whatever form that takes. Gather up your talent, your health, your resources, and go slay your dragons. Amazing what miracles free people create. Ask any real American.

    Fred….what you’ve written should be the new Battle Hymn of the Republic!

    Is that your home, your dogs? Looks like Paradise on earth!



    1. Many thanks, Joan. But there’s no song ever written in America that surpasses the Battle Hymn for its sheer beauty, power and life-giving inspiration. My sentiment comes from the same place…as it does in many forms from all real Americans. And yes, that is chez mois, actually “shed mois” being approached by my hounds last week.

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