TrumpMedia/America Reborn!

UPDATE 5/24/21: Let us remind those privileged dunces thinking about moving themselves away from this so-called hellhole of “systemic racism” that millions (including Black Africans & Caribbeans) are aching to take their places. America not up to your Woke standards? Leave and let the commonsensical worthy have a go at it.

Those of us profoundly grateful to be here with NO plans of leaving or abandoning what continues to be the freest, best hope of mankind look forward to MAGA’s resurgence with the eagerly anticipated launch of Trump’s own social media platform this coming July 4. Inexplicably, NeverTrumpism still clouds the vision of too many who think our way out of befuddled Biden’s socialist nightmare can be effected without any reference or credit to Trump’s roaring success in (among many things) record low unemployment and strong defense, domestically and internationally. What greater expression of free people on the move overcoming omnipresent threats and obstacles is there in our recent history?

FREEDOM remains a concept totally lost on those holding the Liberal/Leftist worldview, a view that glorifies “equity” and “guaranteed benefits.” Such Woke fools cannot see how their feeding trough nirvanas always end in tyranny. The reality of our politics is liberty vs. slavery, not meaningless promises from the latest political huckster. Restating the obvious, telling the truth is always the antidote to the  slow death by a thousand cuts  inflicted on us daily by depressing news dispensed in a befouled climate of fear. Winning over The Big Lies (and they are legion from surprising sources) remains the simple act of stating the simple truth if to no one else but  ourselves.

For all the heretofore unimaginable threats to our American way of life, one still revels in the free exchange of information. Talent and, more importantly, wisdom still abounds in our free press. As the expression goes, that ain’t chopped liver.

UPDATE 3/28/21: Word is that conservatives (aka freedom-loving Americans as opposed to advocates of Marxist Master Planning) may have an alternative media network in which to communicate, courtesy of one Donald J. Trump and some deep-pocket conservative allies. What brighter hope and more effective weapon can there be than a TrumpMedia conglomerate to fight back the Prog/Woke monster currently spreading its razor tentacles over the land as fast as it can?

Such a development is the green grass of life growing through the lifeless concrete of totalitarian government. A real, truth-telling news media network buttressed by tens of millions of personal blogs and business websites will only add   welcome  numbers to a battle already engaged in by fearless individual Americans who refuse to accept the death sentences arbitrarily imposed upon them by Little Tyrant Blue State  governors and mayors.

UPDATE 2/28/21: Trump is clearly worth more as a civilian building an alternative Media Network: real news reportage, free speech gone viral on platforms hosting millions of social media, business and personal websites.  This is the green grass growing through cracks through the cement the Left is pouring over America.

Trump vs. media

ORIGINAL POST 1/31/21: Just imagine. A massive media network offering truly diverse reportage on national and world politics, economics, science and culture. Not to mention, the technology to offer media platforms for privately owned websites all protected by the First Amendment. Looks and sounds like a free market of ideas, does it not? Most of all, it feels like America.

Trump TV

We are currently faced with the Dark Winter of shared mass misery as was obvious back in April when I contemplated the options of a continued Trump Presidency…or this:

biden_dark_winter-1536x1100 (1)

This is the reality of the Left’s ruthless will to destroy all things great and exceptional about America and Americans. Freedom and the flowering of the individual spirt is THE object of homicidal hatred by those who live only to control. One can be certain of how eagerly they wish to carry this out. How far and strongly are we willing to fight? Who doesn’t face Patrick Henry’s choice, Liberty or Death, with more than a little trepidation? What ultimately matters? Those of us painfully conscious of what we stand to lose are not going to go down easily. Try as they might, they don’t control everything without our cooperation, most of all the power of free speech and communication.

Which brings us around again to the wonderful possibility of an alternate mass media network. Stay tuned, metaphorically and literally. We can dream, can’t we? Better. We can and do live as we choose.

Something to look forward to.
Something to look forward to.



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  1. The entire world depends upon the United States of America to be a beacon of freedom. Without freedom of speech there is no freedom. Without a free press there is no free speech. Without free speech and a free press there are no free and fair elections. Without free and fair elections the United States of America ceases to exist as a republic, and the beacon of freedom is extinguished. Trump TV would be one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind.

  2. In a former article, I envisioned a Trump media that garnered 80 million paying subscribers overnight. That could still happen, although I expect the count would be much higher, specifically from the over-100-million voter that Sidney Powell says cast their votes for Trump on November 3rd.



  3. Very well written, Fred. Captures everything in a nutshell.

    Well, I figure by opening his ex-prez office, Trump has some great ideas. Just pray they’ll work – we are dealing with pure evil and half the nation hasn’t a clue! Art

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