UPDATE: 2/4/20: For the difference between a legitimate state and decent way of life  (Israel) and a fraudulent, fictitious one (“Palestine”) made up solely for the personal enrichment of a few Middle Eastern Mafiosi, ask any rational Arab Israeli citizen if he’d rather live in “Palestine.”

ORIGINAL POST 12/29/19: The idealized “Progressive” narrative for the Israel/”Palestine” impasse is that these are two legitimate, equally worthy peoples, each yearning for a homeland of their own. What compassionate observer of this conflict could object to a two-state solution? Two nice neighbors, side by side, like Ozzie & Harriet next door to Ricky & Lucy.

The problem is that one of these parties has actually created a nation, a free society boasting wondrous achievement,  civilized living  for its ethnically diverse citizenry (including Muslims), not to mention providing a wildly disproportionate contribution to the good life on this planet. No nation, save the United States, has earned its beneficial, rightful place of honor in this world more dramatically than Israel.

The other proposed neighbor is a loose confederation of angry Arabs constantly goaded, exploited and tyrannized by their own Mafia overlords on the permanent take. This deliberately rootless Arabic entity, planted within the confines of the Israeli nation and capital, exists only to annihilate and conquer its host and continues to state as such. Not the stuff of peaceful coexistence.

Somewhere along the way, some canny Mafiosi came up with the notion of organizing these nationless squatters into a perpetually angry mob of the dispossessed, coining a name with Biblical authority, “Palestinians,” thereby kicking off the Middle East’s version of  a Democratic Party Inner City money funnel. Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton/Maxine Waters/Black Congressional Caucus, meet your Muslim counterparts Yasser Arafat’s PLO and their PA/Hamas/Hezbollah successors. Bigtime shakedown artists all, separated at birth, different only in place of business.

With all those billions & billions & billions in humanitarian aid and naïve expressions of sympathy pouring in to these perpetually perceived victims of “occupation,” what’s to be gained by giving up the profits of the Victim Scam and getting what they claim to want? Becoming law-abiding Israeli citizens? Setting up and running a nation that supports itself? Are you kidding?

Those sensible individuals among the local Arab population wishing to become Israeli citizens can no longer do so, having been thwarted by the “Palestine” hucksters with everything to lose by allowing their angry rabble to leave the “Palestinian” fold. The offer for citizenship has all but been rescinded by Israel in the face of continued acts of war from the PA leadership.

If the world’s Leftists insist “there is no answer” to this “historical dispute,” it is because they do not like the relatively clear-cut solution of letting the Israelis go their way and the Arabs going theirs. One look at the map above demonstrates that this is not about having a place to live. It’s about a group of criminals being called out for a major money-making, power-accruing operation. Being forever shilled as victims of those bullies America & Israel is simply too profitable for the terrorists running the “Palestine” boondoggle to give up.

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  1. Your note here is apropos. We are fighting to take down a “P is For Palestine” display in the Sacramento library.

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