Proof through the night that our flag is still there...
Proof through the night that our flag is still there…

In a very long, wide-ranging conversation, New York Jewish Liberal David Samuels and California Catholic Conservative Angelo Codevilla engage in the ultimate bull session about American politics and the perks & perils of American power.

Through it all runs Codevilla’s recurring (and convincing) worldview of an insatiably power-hungry Elite that exists solely to control the rest of us. That Elite perpetuates itself mainly in two venues: the fancy educational institutions (such as the Ivy League) self-anointed to be the sole grantors of credentials and status in the professional world;  and the mega-capitalist corporations like Google/Amazon/Microsoft/Facebook constantly positioning themselves to monopolize the market place of vital goods and services.

The danger posed by both to a free way of life for millions of American individuals is based upon what is repeatedly referred to as “who has dinner with whom in Washington, ” the shifty dealings of modern day Robber Barons, Crony Capitalists writ large. Minus collusion with central seats of power in Washington, some of us hope to retain what little we can keep of free association, financial independence and personal autonomy in an American Republic.

Thus, the rise of a Donald Trump’s mission to overturn the whole Elite apple cart. And thus the ongoing desperate efforts by that Elite to destroy him and the “populist” exodus he leads away from the iron hand grasp of The Ruling Class.

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