It's April Fool's, 24/7/365
With MAGA, Winning and Telling It Like It Really Is,  it’s April Fool’s on the Dems, 24/7/365

Breathes there a Conservative who has not had to deal with the hatred and irrationality of a Leftist friend, neighbor or relative when confronted with the choice of individual liberty vs. one-size-fits-all, Big Gov collectivism?

So entrenched are millions in the dark hoaxes of Global Warming (planet extinction) and Identity Politics (permanent civil war) that any disagreement or criticism is met with rage. All of it is a philosophy of enforced “equality” that punishes success and glorifies failure, applauds life’s enemies and murders its friends.  Get used to it: we are dealing with religious fanaticism, and challenging that religion’s tenets is invariably explosive.

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