A recent meme popping up among the NY Times-reading crowd has been that low gas prices are due to Obama’s heroic attainment of “energy independence.” Clearly, Barack’s miraculous wand wave occurred while the rest of us were sleeping. How curious an achievement coming from the world’s most prominent anti-oil, anti-coal, anti-Keystone Pipeline, anti-capitalist personality (address: 1600 PA Ave, DC). The Left’s explanation does NOT include fracking and drilling for oil within our own borders, practices reflexively hated, slandered and dismissed by the Green crowd (Obama’s people). The real explanation is a thriving increase in oil & gas production here in the USA  despite the protestations of the Radical Environmentalists’ (like one Barack Obama playing to his far Left base).

But we want cheap gas too!
But we want cheap gas too!

Not to worry. The Left will spoil this happy development in short order. Where there’s prosperity, there’s more wealth to confiscate and redistribute.  All that Original Sin Carbon, all that new tax revenue to collect. And you thought this was all about Saving The Planet?

Where there's genuine progress, Progressives start confiscating.
Where there’s genuine progress, Progressives start confiscating.

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Dreaded answer: there’s lots of it being produced. And don’t thank Obama.”

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