UPDATE 10/2/22: Libs and far Left leaners have a way of portraying themselves as the source of all good in the world and criticizing anyone who isn’t a “socialist.” So it is with the hags of The View who recently explained to their ignorant audiences that it was “socialism” that fueled rescue efforts of hurricane victims, certainly not indifferent, selfish capitalists (while failing to make mention of their own very capitalistic 7 figure salaries). Sure, they’ve gotten rich on capitalist free enterprise and corporate profits, but they’re still just down-home “socialists” at heart. Perhaps a little education on the real results of REAL socialism vs. REAL capitalism should be the fourth R in the schooling of the young.


UPDATE 4/20/22: For fun and enlightenment, ask these 32 questions to determine who’s a Liberal and who’s a Leftist.

UPDATE 3/12/22: The mischief and horrific misdeeds of governments and their officials would not be possible without the approval of an overwhelming majority of clueless morons voting for them. Examples of such self-destruction and flawed judgment abound. People’s incapacity to discern truth from lies, to distinguish their friends from their enemies, lies at the heart of the world’s political problems.

UPDATE 11/3/21: Calling liberals and democratic socialists “stupid” has never been really insightful or accurate. It is rather willful ignorance and intellectual laziness that has allowed them to bathe like the proverbial frog in the comforting warm water of guilt-fueled altruism without noticing the water is being turned up to the lethal boiling point of fascism/communism.

UPDATE 7/6/21:  That Declaration of Independence? According to NPR, just proof we’ve been a racist White Supremacist operation since Day One. Alas, nothing will ever be good enough. These overly privileged jerks are much easier to understand and handle when approached like truculent, spoiled brats.

UPDATE 6/5/21: A Yale psychiatrist lecturing on “The Psychopathy Problem of the White Mind” gives us a window into projection and the psychopathic problem of the Leftist mind by excitedly describing the catharsis she’d experience “unloading a revolver into the head of any White person that got in my way.”

ORIGINAL POST 2/19/21: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.  Readable, thorough, carefully considered psychological text for the layman describing the irrational, suicidal essence of leftwing ideology long discredited by a century of failed socialism worldwide: blood-soaked communism; character/family/community-rotting government programs promising all the basics from cradle-to-grave; the demonization of the productive & successful, the lionization of failure & weakness; our waning liberties and increasing servitude to an all-mighty Big Brother State. And still they believe. If this isn’t madness or mental illness, what is?




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