“The Liberal Mind”
by Lyle Rossiter, Jr. M.D.

February 19, 2013

the-socialist-brain-of-a-liberal-democrat[1]The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.  Readable, thorough, carefully considered psychological text for the layman describing the irrational, suicidal essence of leftwing ideology long discredited by a century of failed socialism worldwide: blood-soaked communism; character/family/community-rotting government programs promising all the basics from cradle-to-grave; the demonization of the productive & successful, the lionization of failure & weakness; our waning liberties and increasing servitude to an all-mighty Big Brother State. And still they believe. If this isn’t madness or mental illness, what is?




One Response to “The Liberal Mind”
by Lyle Rossiter, Jr. M.D.

  1. […] prevailing  forces of destruction coming at us from every media corner. It’s a fight for sanity against the forces of insanity and, one must understand the difference…or perish, at the very least spiritually if not […]

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