About as profound as Paul Krugman.
About as profound as Paul Krugman.

Two ways to react to blatant Obama campaigning from the NY Times’ Steven Rattner and Thomas L. Friedman: 1)speechless frustration at the boldness of their bias and the lies underpinning it OR 2)a simple re-affirmation  of what does work for all economic issues [healthcare, for instance] and all international issues [radical Islam, for instance].

Rattner shamelessly proposes rationing healthcare for the elderly, intentionally beginning his article with the shocker “WE need death panels.” The operative word is “We.” Rattner is a collectivist, a Big Government hack. Individuals and the wide variety of choices they make are a problem to his Master Plan. No, Steve, YOU need death panels…or so you say until it comes to yourself or someone you love. The rest of us will continue making our own individual choices about our healthcare and everything else that matters to us. We’re still consumers in a free market. We’ll go with the candidate who understands business, personal choice and what makes America hum, not the avowed Marxist who thinks a few people should do the thinking for the masses.

Thomas L. Friedman, unoriginal scribbler and Obama shill that he is, resorts as well to the grand Collective, entitling his gaseous Obama plug “The World WE’re Actually Living In.”  Fresh on the heels of Barack’s Libyan fiasco, Tom Friedman’s fantasy world is colosally bestrode by “a president who understands that we really do live in a more complex world today — and that saying so is not a cop-out.” [Translation: “Being President isn’t as fun as I’d like. I’d rather be golfing.”] Romney [Tom sighs, rolling his eyes] is stuck in that tired old peace-through-strength stuff, swearing to protect the lives, liberty and property of Americans, both here and abroad.

No, Tom, Barack The Statesman exists only in the delusional, snobby world YOU live in, not mine. I’m going with the guy who takes his Presidential oath seriously, not the lazy, utterly self-absorbed “eye candy” for the fetching View ladies.

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