What’s “community organizing” without stirring up rage, feeding dissatisfaction, blaming The Man? Lots of money & power to be accrued from human misery, and that’s what a “Community Organizer” does, this one at the highest level. The partially released [censored] video, intentionally buried/ignored by the MSM since 2007,  is now completely available at Daily Caller.

In a wildly effected ‘suthun’ black jive drawl, the Hawaii born-and-bred Punahou preppie calls out “my pastor, ” black racist Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, the one he had disavowed connection with just months before; brings up Hurricane Katrina as one big racist attack on black Americans; lies blatantly about supposedly preferential treatment for white disaster victims; plays the racial demagogue to the hilt.

“Told ya so” doesn’t really matter, does it? Most of us always knew who he was, but millions have yet to shake off the guilt trip laid on them. Nothing can shock them into calling a halt to this hustler’s game. It’s precisely that power to paralyze people that separates the small fry from the higher levels of the political Crime Family. And this is just that:  a Marxist Mafiosi, and Obama is the Godfather.

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