As contemporary Hollywood celebs and other self-satisfied Leftists have stated with absolute certainty: Liberals/Socialists have always been on the right side of history. Give people a sense of permanent entitlement to everything and anything they want, a fat government check every month for doing absolutely nothing, and you have done God’s work in improving your fellow man’s lot.

We offer…proof positive of modern Liberalism/Socialism’s surefire beneficial results:

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And here’s the other side of things when the money runs out…as it always does. After all, at some point even the most diehard Liberal/Socialist bleeding heart taxpayer (not to mention all those greedy capitalists paying most of the taxes) has to weary of working to support a culture of dependency and parasitism. Here is Al Jazeera inadvertently telling the truth while trying to be sympathetic to the rioters outraged at the prospect of being denied the Greek version of “free” Obama Money:

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Spend! Spend! Spend! How long can this go on? Somewhere down the line, a reckoning is at hand.

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2 Replies to “The Triumph of American Liberalism”

  1. The real welfare queens are the legions of bureaucrats that administer the numberless programs to “help” the poor at the local, state and Federal levels.

    Lyndon Johnson’s great (evil) brilliance in setting up the Great Society was his realization that he could create a bullet-proof constituency for the welfare state by setting up systems that required thousands and even millions of administrators, each of which have a vested interest in voting for more and bigger government.

    The point is, the “Obamaphone” lady is as big a victim of the welfare state as the taxpayers who fund it. The beneficiaries are the bureaucrats, politicians, lobbyists, lawyers, public unions, and many others whose career is government, government and more government.

    1. There’s no greater damage done to anyone than the corruption of human character. Under the guise of Liberal altruism, these people have been robbed of their dignity, ambition, self-reliance, pride and turned into permanent, helpless wards of the Almighty State. God help us when these serfs constitute the voting majority. But then, that’s the Socialist plan, isn’t it?

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